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Studies Prove That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier

A study from the 1990s has come to light, proving that compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children were more likely to suffer from asthma, eczema, ear infections, hyperactivity and many other chronic conditions. Furthermore, the study identified that there was a ten-fold increase in the incidence of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated, and a total lack tonsillectomy operations among the children who were unvaccinated.

In September 2011, German researchers carrying out a longitudinal study surveyed a total of 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0 –19. As with the New Zealand study, researchers collected their data by conducting a survey using questionnaires. [2] Results showed that vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.

One of the items discussed by Credo Mutwa in the interview I shared with you last night is his view on why those who run the game promote vaccination so vehemently. It was clear from his experience that vaccination shuts down the spiritual and mystical skills of the children. Indeed, it was recognised by the adults when he was still a child, and aware adults hid their children from being vaccinated. Mutwa was born in 1921!!! All part of the plan to have us be unaware of who and what we are. So, of course, such studies will never be revealed in the mainstream media or literature, where vaccination is slavishly promoted and those who will not vaccinate their children are outcast.

Sandy Hook houses all paid up on Christmas day, 2009

This video shows how almost all of the Sandy Hook real estate was given to the current owners for free at the end of 2009. Actually on Christmas day, 2009, and apparently these were the only real estate transactions in the entire United States processed on that day.

Yet another piece of data about this massive psyops hoax.

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