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The Truthseeker: Regime Change America

This video looks at how broken the American system is and the growing reaction to it.

The United States claims to be an example to the world yet, according to this video, 55M people have died since WWII as a result of US bombing or Western-backed coups. More than half of US taxes (or equivalent) goes to the defence budget, whilst the US domestic infrastructure and standard of living rapidly decays.

For me, there is at least one key layer of the puzzle in the world behind this, but this is the reality that most consider.

When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising

Thank you, Sean.

This wonderful story carries a message of hope for us all. May it grow, despite the powerful efforts in place to snuff such freedom out.

Ben Davidson – I wish I knew this when I ‘Woke Up’

I have previously referred to Ben’s daily weather reports under the SuspiciousObservers banner, along with his views on Agenda 21. This video takes a very different tack.

Ben is a very bright, driven, honest and direct young man who has bootstrapped himself up to be a real expert in the factors driving our weather, our climate and Earth changes.

In this video Ben shares his perspective on the process of waking up to the reality of how our world works, and the challenging journey of figuring out what is true and what is not.

For me, there are some key points in Ben’s video:

  • There is a waking up process that more and more people are going through as they begin to recognise that the world we live in is not as it is presented to us through the media, education, history and science
  • There is a great deal of intentionally misleading material out there to entrap those who are walking this path, and most get caught in it
  • If it is a fear-driven message, don’t trust it
  • You need to refine your ability to separate out what is true from what is not. I call it discernment, and ultimately it is a refined gut feel, and just as Abraham Lincoln said of common sense, it’s not very common. It takes practice, focus, self-trust and self-awareness.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch Ben’s video.

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