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The documentary “BOUGHT” is important if not essential viewing

Thank you, David.

If you have children or grandchildren, or you are thinking about having children, I strongly recommend that you watch the documentary entitled “BOUGHT”.

Or maybe you just want to know what is being done to your health and want to take more responsibility for it.

Perhaps you still think all vaccination is safe and prescribed with good intention, and maybe you still will after you watch “BOUGHT”. But I think we all should understand what is being done in the pharmaceutical industry and to hear the experiences of parents who have witnessed the rapid transformation of their child from perfectly normal to fully autistic within hours of vaccination (it is not a rapid onset in perhaps most cases). You owe it to your children or grandchildren. I have spoken to mothers who have witnessed this in their children, and they remember the moment vividly 15-20 years later, not only because their lives and the life of their child have been shattered as a result.

Or to understand what GMO food is doing or may be doing to your health and that of your children.

And you can watch it for free for the next 10 days or so, so I encourage you to take the opportunity.

Those speaking in “BOUGHT” simply believe what they are witnessing or have witnessed is driven by the profit motive. I disagree. I believe it is much more sinister. I have previously shared with you this interview with Rima Laibow, in which Rima shares her insider perspective on this. Again, I commend this interview with Rima to you, so you begin to grasp what is happening to our world and what is behind the experiences bubbling up within “BOUGHT”.

And if you agree with me on the importance of its message, share “BOUGHT” or this email far and wide.

Islamophobia, anti-Semitism on rise in Europe

Unsurprisingly, people are becoming less tolerant of Moslems and Jews in Europe, as this brief video shows.

This is EXACTLY what those who run the game want.

How WikiLeaks’ Sarah Harrison helped Ed Snowden escape

Sarah Harrison’s fearless, committed approach was key to Ed Snowden now living freely in Russia.

“She really put herself on the line,” says Laura Poitras, who filmed Snowden in his hotel room until the day after he revealed his identity publicly, at which point she had to back off in order not to jeopardize him. “I was being tailed,” she says. “The risks became very great.” Harrison had the right mix of steeliness and conviction to get him out of Hong Kong. “She’s extremely intelligent,” Poitras says, “and tenacious. And very motivated by her principles.”…

… Snowden himself is aware that it was, in part, Harrison’s commitment to his cause that got him out of peril. In an email sent from Russia, he tells me that his lawyers initially informed him that it was dangerous for anybody at all to help him, that “anyone within a three-mile radius is going to get hammered.” But still, Harrison stepped forward. She could have left Moscow at any time but chose instead to stay—not for days or even weeks but for months. This, according to Snowden, is in keeping with her character. “In the face of very real risks, Sarah refuses to allow intimidation to shape her decisions,” he writes. “If you forced her to choose between disowning her principles or being burned at the stake, I think she’d hand you a match.”

Vaccine injuries – Dr. Andrew Moulden

A powerful presentation on the impact of vaccination by Dr. Andrew Moulden.

Andrew “died unexpectedly” in 2013. Speaking the truth is a deadly practice.

#OpDeathEaters long term goals

It is a challenging task to seek to expose the global, protected, institutionalised paedosadism in our world, as #OpDeathEaters is seeking to do. It permeates all elements of our world’s control system – political, religious, judicial, administrative, policing, major business, media, music and entertainment, acting… And through this complex web, it is hidden, disguised, protected, and attempts to expose it or prosecute it are thwarted at every turn. Can this project succeed? I doubt it can be addressed in this current consciousness, but I support the attempt, and Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC has the drive, the intellect and the desire to pull it off if anyone can.

Here are the long term goals of the project, as currently expressed.

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