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Govt rolls out new baby boom campaign in Denmark

Our global controllers must be cheering. As per this video, the Danish birth rate has fallen to a very low level and there are growing concerns that the population’s average age is getting too old to be sustainable.

8% of children now conceived in fertility clinics. 1 in 5 men have no children. 1 in 10 women have no children or less than they wanted.

The mean age of the first birth has gone from 24 in 1980 to 33 today, which eliminates roughly 1 in 3 generations, which in turn dramatically reduces population growth.


Birth rate in Denmark

 There are many factors that are at work creating this scenario:

  • Falling fertility is no accident. It’s planned and it’s being implemented in many ways in parallel. I wish I had saved a humorous interview where a guy was saying how, when he was young, you only had to look sideways at a girl to get her pregnant. Perhaps a little overstated, but it conveys the change we have seen in 50 years.
  • Keeping children at school and in college is not about better education. The evidence demonstrates this. It’s about delaying the age of the mother when she has her first child.
  • Requiring mothers to be part of the workforce discourages and delays that first child. It also means more state influence over the learning and hence value set of the child since the mother is not at home with her children, another desired outcome.

Many experiments have been conducted on reducing the birth rate. Most people do not know that China’s one child policy, now having such a devastating social impact, was a brainchild of the Rockefeller Foundation. Then we have the involuntary sterilisation of Kenyan women using a tetanus vaccination.

Remember, their target is under 0.5BN people on the planet. That means about 6.5BN of us need to go.

Which methods are being applied to you and your family?

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