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Sudden Onset Dementia (SOD). A new syndrome discovered

The Irish Savant has a little fun with a very real phenomenon:

Writing in this month’s Lancet Prof. Myron Goldstein of Oxford University Medical School revealed the identification of a hitherto unclassified syndrome entitled Sudden Onset Dementia (SOD). As with Familial Hyperinsulinism and Nemaline Myopathy SOD uniquely impacts Ashkenazi Jews. Prof. Goldtein attributes this to millennia of unique Jewish sufferink. Unlike conventional dementia, SOD can strike at an extraordinarily early age, even as young as 55 in the case of Ernest (‘Deadly Ernest’) Saunders.
Signs and Symptoms: The onset is quite dramatic and appears to be precipitated by serious criminal accusations against the victim. This is followed by intense meetings with legal and PR advisers and the victim transferring assets to his family and Jewish charities.
Diagnosis: Empirical evidence suggests only Jewish medical staff are capable of successfully diagnosing the condition. Prof. Goldstein attributes this facility to a collective unconscious meme, evolved over millennia of unique Jewish persecution, which provides an empathy inaccessible to goyim.
Treatment:  Highly satisfactory outcomes can be achieved through prompt and methodical treatment. This includes hefty donations to powerful political figures, the ‘vanishing’ of incriminating evidence from prosecution files, blackmail and plaintive cries of anti-Semitism.
Prognosis: With correct treatment the prognosis is excellent. The most celebrated recovery was undoubtedly that of Ernest Saunders who was literally back in business weeks after being freed from serious criminal charges. More recently accused paedophile Greville Jenner gave a complex speech to the Israeli Knesset despite being diagnosed with SOD a little more than a year earlier.
However there  are disturbing indications that even the stupefied goyim are now beginning to ask awkward questions so complacency is not in order.

End of quote.

To be fair, this phenomenon has been observed elsewhere. Alan Bond, the rascal corporate gamesman who funded Australia’s brazen winning of the America’s Cup in 1983 (aaahhh… how I remember…), in his Australian prosecution some years ago suffered terribly from poor memory, which seems to have recovered wonderfully to enable him to return to the business world, albeit a little less overtly, no doubt utilising the obfuscated funds that no amount of searching could uncover…

Jim Fetzer discusses Jade Helm 15, 9/11 and Boston Marathon bombing

This is a must listen interview with Emeritus Professor James Fetzer on these and other false flag events and the coming Jade Helm exercise, which looks to be a structure within which to impose martial law in the United States. Jim has done the hard yards to fully understand and document core false flag events in America, going back to the JFK assassination. If you are one of those who doubt that these are false flag events, take the time to listen to Jim speaking with Richie Allen.

It is one thing to disagree, it is another to disagree based upon a preferred belief system that those in “authority” would do such things. Jim does not shoot from the hip. He does his homework and he shares it widely. And if you have woken up to what’s going on, this interview is a great way to come up to speed with Jim’s latest research and publications.

Jade Helm 15 may bring Martial Law to America

Well, well, well. A sh*@$ storm has erupted at Veterans Today. Gordon Duff has bagged the notion that Jade Helm 15 is a serious military exercise in the United States and also made similar comments on another article by Robert O’Dowd saying Jade Helm 15 was for real, leading to O’Dowd resigning as a contributor to Veterans Today. Not only that, when Jim Fetzer posted an article on Veterans Today saying he believed Jade Helm 15 was a real exercise, Duff took down his article, according to Fetzer. Now, this is extraordinary since Fetzer is a regular VT contributor and VT has a policy of posting pretty much anything anyone wants to write. So, pulling Jim’s article set off Jim’s alarm bells – and mine.

You can read Fetzer’s views here. He includes the statement “JADE HELM is not a “training op” but something far more serious.”

Jim also notes there is a similar project underway in Canada called Maple Resolve, which seems to be linked to Jade Helm 15. Jim also prefaced the discussion on Stew Webb’s radio show on Jade Helm on at 8pm EST on April 23rd. It is live as I write this and should be in the archives shortly. Besides Jim, the participants include Major General (Retired) Albert Stubblebine III and Dr. Rima Laibow, who believe this Jade Helm project is for real.

Here are some other perspectives on Jade Helm:

The videos shown here illustrate the military build-up in California.

This video shares footage of a Jade Helm briefing. It is clearly for real.

I also find this video to be quite fascinating in its analysis.

Here is a discussion on the Jade Helm logo.

There is a history of military or police exercises being underway when a false flag event occurs. It occurred at 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Sandy Hook school massacre hoax. Jim believes whatever is planned is likely to go live during this exercise, and in his view, the exercise is already underway.

So what is planned? In my view, the scale of it will dwarf 9/11 and I cannot ignore the video posted by Rebekah Roth that I mentioned yesterday, entitled Could This Be the Next False Flag Attack? . I quoted the following from her video: Israeli intelligence has intercepted details of an Al Qaeda plan to strike 5 or 6 major cities throughout the United States. These will begin on May 2nd and last for 9 days until May 11th. It will mark the anniversary of the United States false flag Osama bin Laden SEAL team death.

Roth also said that the item said the weapons that would be used would include biological, chemical and nuclear weaponry.

Will it be this? Given where Rebekah found this reference and its sudden and complete disappearance from the Internet, I suggest we should be open to the possibility that the events in this message will unfold from May 2nd to May 11th. I cannot say for sure, but Rebekah explained in her video and perhaps her book why she believes it could be this year. She says it is a “jubilee year” and the key year in the 7-year cycle of the Jewish Shemitah. When I looked for information on the Shemitah, this extraordinary article showed up. This seven year cycle, going backwards is 2008 (the global financial crisis), 2001 (9/11) and on it goes, back through the last century. I was shocked to see this hidden pattern. I commend the article to you. It does point more to September than May, but who knows what else is in play? When you see this pattern, do you STILL want to argue our world is not controlled by the Zionist bankers?

Be warned and be prepared. I cannot say this will happen, but the pieces have come together in front of me, as they have a habit of doing. And if it is the planned trigger for Jade Helm’s implementation of martial law and we stop this in its tracks by exposing it, until and unless we expose those behind these plans, they will simply keep trying until they get it done.

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