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Rhine valley death camps in the words of James Bacque

The horrific, hidden truth of Eisenhower’s death camps after WWII in the words of James Bacque the author of Other Losses.


“The French and the Americans killed 1M people, deliberately.”

Heard of the Morgenthau plan?

Morgenthau was what race? Ohh… Jewish.

It’s estimated in this video that there were 6-12M people killed under this plan.

Heard about it?

I doubt it.

You hear about the mythical 6M Jews killed in the so-called “Holocaust”.

Never let the facts interfere with a good story.

Who owns the MSM? Just askin’…

Spend a few minutes listening to Bacque in this video.

Remember, Britain, Russia, the United States, France, to name a few, were all under Jewish control by WWII.

And WWII was about what?

And from whom did you learn about what happened in WWII?

If you start with the assumption that nothing you have been taught is true about the world and how it came to be the way it is, you have some chance of finding the truth. You have to be willing to learn from scratch, though, and even that is torturous. Few are willing, in my experience.

VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order – Update

Gordon’s article below points to the exposure of the child sacrifice and paedophilia that was exposed by Mehran Keshe and the Keshe Foundation, which appears to have led to the execution of Judge Scalia, and Keshe says as much. In his public teaching last Thursday, Keshe had much more to say about this, and his fury is very evident. What he has to say starts here. In fact, the entire video is worth wading through if you want to understand where this technology is going. Potentially life transforming for humanity is a significant understatement.

This child sacrifice and sexual abuse thread that Keshe is tugging on just might expose the entire global control system that uses this. Time will tell. None of us want to believe such horror could be hidden behind the scenes, but it is. Keshe talks of 1,000 children that have gone missing along the German/Belgian border area, but this doesn’t even begin to touch the numbers harvested across the globe, especially from warzones – never to be seen again – or those born of satanic “breeders”, whose birth is never recorded, so there is no record of their sacrifice. This is widespread. It is no coincidence that this horror leaks out all over the globe, because it IS all over the globe and has been for a long, long time. It is satanic and it is deeply connected to the Jewish elite that control our world and whose reign in the West began in earnest with the funding of Oliver Cromwell and the execution of Charles I in England, followed by the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, WWI and WWII and on we go. And this abuse is part of their control system, as well as an inherent part of satanism (not just Jewish) across the globe.


Quite an article, Gordon.

Keshe’s “free energy” technology, paedophilia, global control by secret societies who practise sexual abuse and sacrifice, weather modification…

For me, this article links together from the insider’s perspective so many subjects I have linked together from the outsider’s perspective, and the two perspectives fit together for me, perhaps not perfectly but closely enough.

A couple of things stand out for me, besides your explaining how Keshe came to be in Belgium.

Keshe claims to have been in the oil business and run other businesses along the way, apparently making substantial money along the way. This doesn’t fit simply with your picture – and I don’t doubt him.

Also, he claims to have worked with the Iranians to develop this technology and they are very advanced with it, albeit the first generation that the Belgians had declared to be nuclear and hence under the control of the IAEA and shut him down, which was prior to the nanotechnology version of things that he has given to the public. Both are paths to the same end – creating the plasma from which all things we know arise. He claims they used it to capture the CIA drone in 2011 and a more pedestrian drone a year later almost to the day. In my opinion, this is a key element in understanding the veracity of Keshe and the unspoken game behind the game. Keshe has made some very bold statements about the consequences for anyone attacking Iran, based upon Iran’s application of his technology.

But there is much you have alluded to that you can’t discuss. Oh, to be a fly on your wall…

I commend Gordon’s article to you if you want a glimpse behind the curtain.

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