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Yet Another Massive Fish Die-Off, this time at Lake El Reno In Oklahoma, and Pacific Ocean Life Devastation

This video introduces another massive fish die off, this time at Lake El Reno In Oklahoma. It also explains how Oklahoma sees a huge amount of fracking.

It has become clear to me that fracking is not really about finding oil (we have no shortage of it) but is about polluting the world’s aquifers under the guise of finding oil. I had this confirmed when I learned that a company that has technology for enabling fracking without pollution was stopped from deploying it by the global elite. No names, no pack drill, but I trust my source on this.

Perhaps more concerning is this comment in the video notes:

Nothing is more important to life on earth than the condition of our global eco-systems, and in the 2014 edition of World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report, it was reported that 52% of the world’s marine life has disappeared since 1970. Staggering.

End of quote.

You can find that report here. Glancing through it, I’m not sure the above claim is accurate, but it is reflective of the reduced populations of many species across the planet and is not far wide of the mark.

Mind you, it is important to remember who set up the WWF, the authors of this report, and their ties to the global elite, who are using every tool at their disposal to push their 2030 Agenda, now morphed from Agenda 21, that almost no-one knows about.

It has become clear to me that the global elite are intentionally seeking to degrade the global biosphere to serve their own satanic agenda, which will see most of the world’s human population killed off, and the fracking example above is but one of many examples I could give you.

Perhaps the most glaring is the “fallout” of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which gets almost no coverage in the global press. Someone sent me this link today. Read some of the links and weep.

And all of this is just getting up to speed. Is there an answer, short of the entire destruction of this planet or at least all life upon it?


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