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Brother Nathanael reflects on his Jewish roots

As usual, Brother Nathanael can say a lot in 2½ minutes.

Packs in some powerful home truths, from an insider, and says things no Gentile would dare.


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Show Me A Nation-Wrecker – Revisited

I followed a link to this post today, which I’d previously shared with you.

However, it illustrates the game being played out all over our planet by the Jewish “mafia”, carefully disguised as ever, that I am drawn to remind you of it.

If you want to understand how our world really works, revisit this post. Until and unless we understand this and dismantle it, life as we know it (or knew it) is doomed.

I will have more to say on this shortly, based on the writings of that Zionist who jumped ship, Benjamin Freedman. Although he apparently wrote prolifically, most of his writings have vanished. I wonder how that happened? But I found one…


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Global warming hoax beginning to be exposed

In the last few weeks, evidence exposing the global warming hoax has begun to emerge.

There have been three snowfalls in the Sahara this winter, the first time for nearly 40 years there’s been ANY snow there, and this report of the second shows falls of a metre – not just a dusting. And separately, we currently have blizzard conditions and associated deaths in Iran, with the heaviest snowfalls in 50 years. Obviously the planet is getting irretrievably warmer…

And then we have this whistleblower story saying that NOAA falsified a report leading up to the Paris climate change conference, making the data more in favour of warming. Surely not!!!

Mind you, if you remove the “corrections” applied to much of the weather station data from across the planet, which amounts to about 1.5C, you get left with – no warming. Shock, horror.

But this scam’s biggest exposure is coming thick and fast. As I’ve explained before, the terms of reference for the IPCC, that UN body created to look into climate change, mean it can only consider human factors. And what about that golden orb that gets up every morning and smiles down upon us? Naaahhhh!!! Just ignore it. Couldn’t possibly be coming from that!!! And let’s airbrush out the Maunder Minimum that saw people skating on the Thames a few hundred years ago, that pretty much everyone in the Western world knows about. Never happened. And it got its name from the husband and wife team (Maunder) who were studying – you’ll never guess – SUNSPOT ACTIVITY. And they noticed that, as well as being less sunspots, they seemed to go to sleep when they faced Earth. Guess what’s been happening with the cycle that’s just completed. Far less sunspots than most of the pundits predicted (a couple got it right) and when they faced Earth, they’ve mostly gone to sleep… So, the sun’s role in causing global warming and cooling has been known for a long time. Like all “inconvenient truth”, it’s been buried.


Because the elite want to blame us for it. It’s YOUR fault – for being alive. It’s all those fossil fuels you’re using. Let’s just ignore the fact that had the elite not suppressed Nikola Tesla’s technology 100 years ago (for their benefit), we’d have no power grid scarring the global landscape, nor would we need fossil fuel consumption. Ironic, don’t you think? And the reason for the global warming hoax is to impose carbon taxes and to provide the underpinning for that carefully hidden secret called The 2030 Agenda, previously Agenda 21, which will move all of us (well, those still alive) into carefully planned cities of little boxes that we rent.

And all of these subjects are discussed on my blog in the past. Just use the search box at if you want to look into them.

Another pointer to the failing warming myth is the material from Clif High, who uses web spiders not unlike those used by the search engines to look for linguistic patterning. His underlying assumption is that people are psychic, even though they often don’t know, and it gets expressed through their language. So, if you analyse their language, you get useful predictions about what’s going to happen. High has been doing this for 20 or more years and has been very successful. You can see his work at Help Past Human and on his YouTube channel. And what’s begun to show up strongly in his recent analysis is discussion about the rapid emergence of the next Ice Age, discussing how sea levels will fall, how many areas currently being farmed will no longer be, and so on. And it will start to emerge as soon as this year.

But the elite already have the Paris Agreement in place, so they’ll be able to hoodwink us for a bit longer.

Interestingly, the data has been talking about discoveries in Antarctica that have begun to emerge, if you’ve been watching, and the more current information talks of the ice moving off the landmass and into the surrounding sea as the Ice Age unfolds. Is this what happened in the past, when that landmass was charted as shown in ancient maps?

2017 is shaping up as an interesting year.


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Dr Steven Greer reveals the hidden technology that could set us free

Thanks, Bill.

In this video, Dr Steven Greer reveals the UFO story, that anti-gravity was solved in 1954, and much more.

No need for the power grid, no jet engines, no roads…

Qui bono? Same ol’ crew…


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Libyan Intelligence Briefing by James and JoAnne Moriarty

If you want to understand the background to the destruction of Libya, I recommend you watch this video, which interviews an American couple who were doing business in Libya prior to the invasion and were there during it.

Of course, it’s the usual suspects behind it, but it’s always good to have informed witnesses revealing it.


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