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Climate Change HOAX exposed by Aussie Geologist presenting to the UK Govt

Thank you, Ed.

This is one of the best informed and humorous summaries of the global warming hoax I’ve seen. By one of my fellow countrymen, Professor Ian Plimer, author of Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science, presenting at the UK Government Public meeting (R14) Re Climate Change Act in November 2011.

If you want to understand some facts on this, watch it. But if you don’t, avoid it all costs as some receiving this will.

Never let the facts interfere with a deeply held belief, regardless of who that belief serves…


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ORGAN-Harvesting FARM In Malaysia-Thailand Discovered; 700 Children Gutted & Boxed Like Livestock

Thank you, Molly. Maybe. I wish such things did not exist.

But they do, and I suspect there are such facilities in all parts of the world where there is deprivation and lack and “disaster” of one form or another. Think Haiti. Think Syria. Think Yemen. Think many parts of Africa and Central/South America. And those with money are willing to pay.

Just look at George Webb’s stories on Dyncorp, whose Israeli/American owner (no doubt a Khazarian Jew) has skipped adroitly from Clinton to Trump.

Here’s the video. Be warned. It’s not pretty.

Again, unless we understand and acknowledge how our world works, we cannot change it. It’s why I share these things on my blog.


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