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The book removals from Amazon have begun

As I expected, the removal of what are termed revisionist books, i.e.  those which question the holohoax and the official WWII meme, primarily, have begun to disappear from Amazon. Mike King is an example, and there are others. 9/11 will also be high on the list, I expect. Many if not all of the writings of Eustace Mullins are likely to be high on the list. I mean, the man was downright subversive… This censorship has been quietly active for a long time, with books simply not being printed or never being reprinted after the first print run, but this is different. And if you’re not familiar with the late and great Eustace Mullins, this recently published interview from 2005 will give you a good sense of the man.

So, if you’re thinking of grabbing something, do so and if you buy an eBook, you may like to find a way to save it outside of Kindle. I understand there are ways… Otherwise its removal from Amazon will likely see it disappear from your device.


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