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Bunnings, Foxtel and Caltex join YouTube ad boycott

Bunnings, Foxtel and Caltex have joined the cascading global advertiser boycott of YouTube, as Australian companies lose faith in the Google-owned video platform’s ability to isolate their brands from bigoted and extremist content.

Vodafone, Nestle, Holden and Kia have also temporarily suspended all advertising from YouTube because it was appearing alongside offensive videos. It follows boycotts by a string of global companies, highlighting the poor levels of control Google has over its content and the risk posed to brands choosing to advertise on it.

End of quote.

I find this phenomenon rather interesting because it is arising as a result of the increasing censorship being imposed by Google and others, justified by the “Fake News” meme, though this process has been in play for about a year.

And it’s all to do with linguistics and primarily the linguistics of emotion. As Google and others seek to narrow the linguistic palate, they lose the colour that drives ad selection.

The bizarre, fascinating and linguistically masterful Clif High recently explained what’s happening, leading to these companies shooting themselves in the foot.

I find it highly amusing to watch them get entangled in the net of their own making, potentially threatening their very existence.


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The Amazon Book Burning

Brother Nathanael nails the agenda behind the recent Amazon book bannings and brings forth his own experience regarding the holohoax, growing up as a Jew. No 6M back then, just as it was absent from the tomes written by Churchill, Eisenhower and de Gaulle after WWII.

Worth 3 ½ minutes of your time.


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What is the Creature from Jekyll Island?

If you have an interest in the true history of the United States, you will know the name of Jekyll Island and its role in the creation of the private central bank known as the US Federal Reserve, its ultimate owners being the Rothschilds and their agents and partners.

This brief video points up that relationship.

You cannot understand the events of the 20th century and beyond without understanding this exercise in subterfuge and deceit.


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