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The origin of that phrase “conspiracy theorist” and its weaponisation

Most people don’t recognise that there are words and phrases in our language that have been specifically introduced for a specific purpose of manipulation or an existing phrase picked up and weaponised.

The list includes:

Anti-Semitic – most Jews are not Semites and most Semites are not Jews. Indeed, some argue cogently that none of today’s Jews can claim that their forefathers originated in Palestine.

Ground Zero – before 9/11, it meant one thing: the point on the ground above or below a nuclear explosion. Those in control must have been pissed when it became the term for the 9/11 event, letting the cat out of the bag. But they fixed it by changing the meaning retrospectively in dictionaries across the world. You need serious resources to do that.

Holocaust – today it refers to the holohoax, but that word has long held another meaning.

Nazi – this has always been a Jewish propaganda term for the National Socialists in Germany. It’s actually a German word from the Munich area meaning, as I understand it, the equivalent of “dunderhead”.

Fake News – a modern meme to discredit the alternative media, when those who’ve woken up know the real fake news is the MSM and parts of the alt media.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

And few recognise that the term “conspiracy theorist” was generated by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Warren Commission report into the death of JFK, the use of which still has great power for many today. Just using the term is enough to discredit most people to whom it is applied and to shut them up.

This little video that came across my desk this morning does a great job of holding this up to the light.

And here is a link to a copy of the document.

And as I’ve said many times, we were warned about much of what is happening in our world by Dr. Richard Day in 1969, a warning he never expected to see the light of day (I’ll accept the unintended pun).


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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real

I have said more than once that I would write about and illustrate the veracity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

But I don’t need to. There are many others who have done it thoroughly.

The Protocols first appeared in Russia in the late 19th century and the staple argument against them was an article in the British Press of the early 20th century, ostensibly discrediting them as a forgery.

However, the criterion Henry Ford applied in 1920 – do they describe what’s happening in the world? – applies as strongly today as it did in Ford’s time.

For a quick illustration, listen to Jewish born and raised Brother Nathaniel cutting to the chase in his pithy manner.

For a more historical perspective, here is Dr William Luther Pierce.

And in more detail, here is Dr. David Duke. Duke has been thoroughly demonised by the Jewish owned and controlled mainstream press, which you need to take as a vote for the truth of what he is bringing forth; the exact opposite of the MSM’s intent. I consider Duke to be today’s Henry Ford in this area. He writes intelligently and cogently on the subject and he will not go quietly. He has also used Ford’s tactic in his writings of only quoting Jewish sources, letting them expose themselves. They finally shut Ford down by threatening to bankrupt the Ford Motor Company. Duke does not appear to have that vulnerability.

And if you want to understand how our world works and why, I encourage you to seek out a copy and read them. Only then can you begin to make sense of our world. I mean it when I say that it will be as if the scales have fallen from your eyes.


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