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The origin of that phrase “conspiracy theorist” and its weaponisation

Most people don’t recognise that there are words and phrases in our language that have been specifically introduced for a specific purpose of manipulation or an existing phrase picked up and weaponised.

The list includes:

Anti-Semitic – most Jews are not Semites and most Semites are not Jews. Indeed, some argue cogently that none of today’s Jews can claim that their forefathers originated in Palestine.

Ground Zero – before 9/11, it meant one thing: the point on the ground above or below a nuclear explosion. Those in control must have been pissed when it became the term for the 9/11 event, letting the cat out of the bag. But they fixed it by changing the meaning retrospectively in dictionaries across the world. You need serious resources to do that.

Holocaust – today it refers to the holohoax, but that word has long held another meaning.

Nazi – this has always been a Jewish propaganda term for the National Socialists in Germany. It’s actually a German word from the Munich area meaning, as I understand it, the equivalent of “dunderhead”.

Fake News – a modern meme to discredit the alternative media, when those who’ve woken up know the real fake news is the MSM and parts of the alt media.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

And few recognise that the term “conspiracy theorist” was generated by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Warren Commission report into the death of JFK, the use of which still has great power for many today. Just using the term is enough to discredit most people to whom it is applied and to shut them up.

This little video that came across my desk this morning does a great job of holding this up to the light.

And here is a link to a copy of the document.

And as I’ve said many times, we were warned about much of what is happening in our world by Dr. Richard Day in 1969, a warning he never expected to see the light of day (I’ll accept the unintended pun).


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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real

I have said more than once that I would write about and illustrate the veracity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

But I don’t need to. There are many others who have done it thoroughly.

The Protocols first appeared in Russia in the late 19th century and the staple argument against them was an article in the British Press of the early 20th century, ostensibly discrediting them as a forgery.

However, the criterion Henry Ford applied in 1920 – do they describe what’s happening in the world? – applies as strongly today as it did in Ford’s time.

For a quick illustration, listen to Jewish born and raised Brother Nathaniel cutting to the chase in his pithy manner.

For a more historical perspective, here is Dr William Luther Pierce.

And in more detail, here is Dr. David Duke. Duke has been thoroughly demonised by the Jewish owned and controlled mainstream press, which you need to take as a vote for the truth of what he is bringing forth; the exact opposite of the MSM’s intent. I consider Duke to be today’s Henry Ford in this area. He writes intelligently and cogently on the subject and he will not go quietly. He has also used Ford’s tactic in his writings of only quoting Jewish sources, letting them expose themselves. They finally shut Ford down by threatening to bankrupt the Ford Motor Company. Duke does not appear to have that vulnerability.

And if you want to understand how our world works and why, I encourage you to seek out a copy and read them. Only then can you begin to make sense of our world. I mean it when I say that it will be as if the scales have fallen from your eyes.


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WE NEED YOUR HELP! False Flag Weekly News under attack for spreading the truth

The campaign to shut down the alternative media by turning off its funding sources is continuing apace.

We have seen its funding via YouTube advertising get turned off and a growing amount of the material classified as “Fake News” and removed.

Now, here is an example of this shut down growing to alternative funding mechanisms.

Kevin Barrett has had his GoFundMe account shut down and his database deleted.

We live in a time where the police state grip is being tightened inexorably and unrelentingly, one step at a time.

I have written about holohoax literature disappearing from Amazon and I’ll have more to say on this shortly.

None of this is any surprise; however, it is important, in my opinion, to mark the phenomenon.

I expect things to get more difficult on many fronts before they get better.


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Free Replay: All 7 Episodes of “The Truth About Vaccines” All Weekend

Thank you, Molly.

I haven’t yet watched these videos though I’ve downloaded them.

Molly says:

If you missed any or all of this simply outstanding series, here’s your chance to see it in its entirety this weekend.

It was a riveting production and despite my reasonable knowledge about vaccines, I learned a great deal about this highly controversial topic. Some of it was truly shocking. If there’s any way you can fit it into your schedule, please watch.

If you can’t watch online, you can help them out by purchasing the DVD version.

Click the link to watch.  ~ BP

William Shatner’s tweet was attacked when he supported research into autism. Go figure.

William Shatner targeted by vaccine bullies in vicious campaign to silence tweets about autism

End of quote.

I’m encouraged that the noise about the abuse that vaccines are is growing, albeit slowly and the vaccine industry and the allopathic medical system that slavishly subscribes them will fight it tooth and nail.

And one of the recipients of this email understands this first hand. She figured out how to heal her daughter of autism and has done so. And it began by clearing her body of the heavy metals, which are part of what comes your way or your children’s way when you get vaccinated. More power to your arm, D.

As I’ve said many times, we’ll look back on this time in horror at what we allowed to be done to our children through the deceit of vaccination.


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Being locked out of my blog

I apologise if you were amongst those locked out of my blog in the last 24 hours. I had deleted the Clif High post but it still went out in Wednesday’s summary, which caused the issue you experienced. I have released all locks of the last day and will continue to do so for the coming day or so, so you should not remain locked out.

Again, I apologise for this. It was beyond my control.

Kind Regards,


Is Trump controlled by Mossad?

There is a myth we’ve been given that Trump is a new broom and not part of the “establishment”.

I have previously shared Trumps’ Four Generations Of Jewish Ties, which puts paid to that notion.

However, as I’ve discussed many times, anyone that gets close to a power role, political or otherwise, will always be controlled through sex, and this sex will likely involve child sexual abuse and child sacrifice.

This article does not go that far, but it provides details of Trump’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein and alleged child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell (who, like her father, is considered to be connected to Mossad), along with several court cases alleging rape and sexual intercourse with minors by Trump. I quote:

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News,

“Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago. In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump’s private plane. That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago.”

And this:

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race.

The two candidates come from the same organized criminal syndicate that leads back to Israel, its murderous Mossad terrorist organization, and the Lansky international crime syndicate. Furthermore, as we shall see, Trump is nothing more than a puppet of Mossad and is likely under their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail. What Trump and his cronies all share in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power structure.

End of quote.

None of this should be any surprise, though I’m not saying every piece of interpretation in the article is accurate. We should expect it.

What is surprising is it is coming out so early, even before his election. Is it a sign of how degenerate things have become?

And, on a broader level, I remind you that the last brick of the elite Jewish control of the United States was put in place with the creation of the US Federal Reserve in 1913. Everything since has been under their guidance and direction, including the selection of political leaders such as Presidents.


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Episodes 8 & 9 of “Out of the Darkness into the Light”

Here is Episode 8 and then Episode 9 of the series by Jake Morphonios on PizzaGate and the broader global control system through child sexual abuse and sacrifice.

Episode 8 is on the Knights Templar, an interpretation of them and their practices that is not uncommon, but one with which I completely disagree. In my view, they are one of several secret societies of the Light that has been overtaken by the dark, which is what has also happened to the derived organisation of Freemasonry, now a key tool of the global satanic control system. In the case of Freemasonry, this was begun soon after the creation of the Illuminati in the late 18th century, as outlined in Protocol 4 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Episode 9 is focussed on the very sinister Ordo Templi Orientis.

As you will see at the end of Episode 9, Jake is another who has seen his income from YouTube evaporate as his channel has been demonetised.


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Two important commentators from completely different spheres use the term “Extinction Level Event”

My regular readers will know that I look for patterns in things that come into my awareness, and it has happened again this last week.

In this video (and others) Jim Rickards uses the term “Extinction Level Event” when discussing the financial scenario he sees facing the world anytime from today forwards, in his view most likely next year.

Then, looking from a completely different perspective, the predictive linguistic context that he has mastered, Clif High also uses the term “Extinction Level Event” to describe what he is seeing in his data concerning events later in 2017 and beyond.

With a rare and powerful term like this, two examples are enough, especially when it aligns with the time I see that we are in from a higher perspective.

I encourage you to prepare in whatever way is there for you, and listen to both of them make their case.

We live in interesting times…


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Announcing a breakthrough in cancer treatment by the Keshe Foundation

I am excited to share with you details of an extraordinary announcement scheduled for this coming Tuesday (18th) at 9 AM CET (3 AM US Eastern Time), in which the Keshe Foundation will announce an amazing breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. Mehran Keshe says this treatment will make the treatment of cancer as simple and as inexpensive as dealing with a headache. The technology is being donated to humanity by the Keshe Foundation.

Such a notion transforms our understanding of cancer and its implications for human life. I don’t need to spell out to you the consequences of these results for human life and for the pharmaceutical industry.

The initial results that will be shared in this announcement do not cover all forms of cancer; however, those not yet covered are anticipated to be eliminated using the same process or a variant thereon.

Here is a copy of the flyer that announces this event, including the links to access the announcement broadcast.

Here is a link to Mr. Keshe describing the breakthrough results in his public teaching of last Thursday (13th of April).

This is not the first example of cancer being eliminated using the Keshe Foundation technology. At the Keshe Foundation conference in Rome last month (March, 2017), Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola described his treatment of an advanced case of breast cancer using this technology, in this case using a healing plasma frame and which resulted in the life of a 36-year-old woman with a young child being saved who, in the opinion of those with the knowledge to assess it, would otherwise have died from her condition. You can watch Dr. Vildosola discuss this case and present before and after photographs in this video. Be warned that some of you may find the photographs confronting and it carries a warning that viewers should by 18+ years of age.

These cancer results provide undeniable evidence of the power of the Keshe Foundation plasma technology.

I encourage you to watch the announcement on Tuesday.


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John Clarke: Thanks for your time

You may like to take a moment and read and watch the snippets on the recently departed, extraordinarily great satirist, John Clarke.


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