21 Questions regarding the holohoax

For me, the debate over any truth to the holohoax story is long gone. It’s overwhelming and it fits perfectly into the much bigger psyop that’s been perpetrated on the goyim by the elite Jews and their lackeys, Jewish and otherwise, of whom most Jews are also just cannon fodder, a psyop that encompasses both WWI and WWII and began in earnest at least as far back as the middle of the 19th century or, arguably, with the founding of the Illuminati in the late 18th century, fostered and funded by Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

But most of you reading this are most likely yet to accept this undeniable truth. If you haven’t seen it, I documented my own journey of understanding here.

And for those of you still struggling with this, I share with you this list of “21 Questions regarding the holocaust”.

It’s not the facts that have you struggle with this, because there are none. What you struggle with is that anyone could create such a comprehensive lie and reinforce it so comprehensively that the idea that it is one is completely unimaginable to you and most people. But when you wake up to this one, you’ll begin to see the literally hundreds if not thousands of them that make up the reality you accept.

Now, was that the red pill or the blue pill?


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