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This post by Jon Rappoport shines the light once more on the corrupt Western medical system.

But what particularly interests me is this quote:

Science sells. The appearance of it sells. It’s the foundation stone of many industries.

Were that stone to crack and shatter, all bets would be off. A titanic fraud would come to light. The kind of fraud that would both freeze people’s minds and blow them away.

Science is the most powerful rationalization in the modern world. Consensus reality would fail and disperse without it.

End of quote.

It takes me back to this quote I shared here from Rupert Sheldrake:

“There is a conflict in the heart of science between science as a method of enquiry based upon reason, evidence, hypothesis and collective investigation, and science as a belief system or worldview. And unfortunately the worldview aspect of science has come to inhibit and constrict the free enquiry, which is the very lifeblood of the scientific endeavour.”

For me, it is a subject of great importance. Most in the Western world have come to treat the scientific worldview almost as a religion. It certainly is a belief system, and one which has as a fundamental tenet that everything about life can be explained by the temporal or material domain. Indeed, this belief is more highly valued than the scientific process that is meant to underpin this scientific worldview. The consequence of this is that those experiments, such as those conducted by Sheldrake, Dean Radin and others which examine what would be considered the paranormal are simply ignored by the mainstream. Actually, there are those who ridicule their work without examining their rigorous application of the scientific method, which has often been far more rigorous than a lot of mainstream science, for the very reason of their subject matter.

And so, not only in medicine but in many other areas, as Rappoport says, “Consensus reality would fail and disperse without it.”

What most who live inside this belief system fail to understand is that it is a creation of those who control our world. It is no accident. And some of the world’s most wonderful minds work very hard to prove its truth and write well-argued books – give their lives – to defend it when, if they actually looked, there is abundant evidence in our world that simply blows this scientific worldview away. For example, you could begin with the work of these two outstanding scientists, and I share other evidence in my eBook “The Coming Golden Age and How to Prepare for it”. And I will share other evidence in the coming days.

Now, I am not arguing that all science is fraudulent and none of it involves rigorous application of the scientific method. It does. But so much of what masquerades as cornerstones of the scientific worldview are false when you hold them up to rigorous examination. Indeed, it is the subject of Sheldrake’s talk referred to above.

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