Are we seeing the pieces being put in place for the foretold WW3?

This article from the Irish Times talks about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man heading the new Sunni, well-funded military, political and religious machine called ISIS (many of you will recognise this acronym as the name of the great female leader from ancient Egypt – no accident, I anticipate). When you see a powerful, well-armed and apparently very well-funded organisation come out of nowhere, as ISIS has, it is time to look a little more deeply.

It turns out that Albert Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 and foretold of three world wars, the first two describing WWI and WWII, the third being a war involving Sunni vs. Shia Islam and encompassing Israel. Of course, much has been done to discredit the veracity of this letter and even deny its existence.

David Icke discusses this scenario in this interview. Remember, those who run our world plan in centuries if not millennia whilst they have the public focussed on the moment to moment (survival, the minutiae of life, World Cup soccer, etc.); and what is conveyed to us through the world media is what they want us to hear, see and believe.

Watch this space.

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