Bertrand Russell forewarned us about what the elite would and are doing

In 1953, Bertrand Russell had this to say:


And its rollout in our time is abundantly clear.

Dietary interference is not just about GMOs. It includes persuading us that unsaturated fats and lots of grains are better for us than saturated fats, vegetables, meats (if they are an option for you). They include cultural practices over generations that have us giving our children sweets made from refined sugar that create lifelong addiction to a known poison, and a diet that is chock full of refined carbohydrates, generating the global epidemic of Type II diabetes. All planned. And add to this poisonous and addictive modern wheat, whose change pre-dates GMO and hence slips through that net.

And then there’s vaccination… Do you still think it’s for herd protection purposes? There’s no evidence to support that idea. Actually, the dead opposite due to the viral shedding from those vaccinated. But the doctor and the government says it’s good for me and my children…

Got the picture?

And these two are, perhaps, two of a thousand items where the elite are destroying the lives and livelihood of the general public.

No accident.

Bertrand Russell warned us in 1953.

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