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The implanted microchip, like so many other threats to our freedom, is being rolled out in a carefully planned way. Although the model is not exactly comparable, none of us thought about mobile phones being used to track our every movement as they are being used for today, even to kill us. Yet because it has become such a necessity for us, we would not give up this tracking risk. Today, the microchip is being used to track to children or to grant preferential access to venues and so on. It is the new tattoo – a cool thing to do. And so it grows. Next it is those who need essential government services or financial support. Without your chip, you can’t get them. Or it’s the prison population, then it’s if you get arrested for anything at all. Then to travel or go to the doctor. Then to buy something. And so it goes. And a generation or two to implement it is nothing to those who run the game. They focus us on the day-to-day, struggling for survival or taking care of our loved ones whilst they focus on decades, centuries and millennia.

In this article, Michael Snyder discusses this in more detail and shares an article from Britain’s BBC promoting this trend. It is coming, my friends, as night follows day – unless the game is changed. By us or in some other manner.

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