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We all have beliefs. They are like travelling companions in life. We gather them as we travel. For most people, the majority of them are gathered in childhood – from parents, teachers, religious leaders and friends. And there are others we need to add to these in the modern world – television, films, theatre, radio, music and the news media.

We all gather a set of beliefs about who and what we are – nationalistic ones, religious or spiritual or existentialist views, views about history, about race, God or no god, and so on. It also extends to such things as worthiness, whether we are lovable and many other things.

For most people, beliefs are defining. It’s as if we ARE our beliefs, or our beliefs define who and what we are. And we have abundant evidence that people are willing to die for some of their beliefs, whether they be religious or national or something else. Most people seem to accept that their country and their sense of nationalism is worth giving up their lives or at least the lives of the country’s young people for.

And what’s fascinating is that most of us identify so strongly with our beliefs that when someone challenges one or more of those beliefs, we feel like they are attacking us. Not only that, all logic and rational thought goes right out the window. When you observe this in people, it’s not hard to see how people are willing to die for their beliefs. For many, their beliefs are far more important than life itself.

And if you think this is limited to religious beliefs, think again. Anyone who has run up against this process in the scientific world or has challenged somebody who is locked inside the scientific worldview knows better. Reasoned, informed, considered argument is secondary to the defence of the belief. Moreover – and this is critical to recognise – facts that do not fit the belief are simply discarded. Almost always, belief is more important than the truth.

And this is why I am opening this up. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BELIEFS. Anyone who has walked a spiritual path of any type knows this. You see it powerfully illustrated by the example of Jay Parker, the recovered Satanist that I shared with you recently in this interview with Sacha Stone. Jay discusses how he healed himself by connecting with his self-love (my words, not his).

Forming beliefs about things is a natural process that we go through, and we naturally live our lives from those beliefs, just as we do from habits and values. And without a deeper sense of who and what we are, we take ourselves to BE those beliefs. In my view, it is why most people will use any argument to defend their beliefs, arguments which are often entirely fallacious. This video illustrates how people are often unwilling to consider irrefutable evidence because it threatens their perception of life too profoundly.

The challenge that faces all of us is to be willing to examine our beliefs in the face of new evidence. It’s my opinion that we ALL identify with our beliefs. The only question is: How strongly?

Throughout my life, especially in the last 20 years, I have been confronted by evidence that caused me to re-examine the beliefs I have held. This still happens today, and when it does, there is an internal conflict, a ripping of sorts, as I see evidence that does not fit with the belief I have formed. If it’s something I hold as important, it usually takes me a couple of days before I will wade into the evidence that challenges my belief, to see if it has validity. And if it does, I adapt or completely change my beliefs. This is not easy for me to do, as I doubt it is for anyone. But the process helps to set you free.

In my view, this is something we should all be taught to do, but we are not. To begin with, it does not serve the agenda of those who manipulate our world from behind the scenes. They want to be the fashioners of your beliefs and they do not want us to question them; simply accept them.

I also raise this because some of the subjects I write about challenge strongly entrenched beliefs. It would be a lot easier for me to not confront the nonsense about man-made global warming or the Holocaust, two carefully constructed and well reinforced lies in our world, both constructed for very clear reasons, and I know many of you reading these posts simply cannot bring yourselves to look at the evidence about these because your beliefs are too deeply entrenched, whether it be for racial, religious, social or other reasons or whether it be because you cannot conceive that such a comprehensive lie could be perpetrated and then reinforced in such powerful ways. This interview with Dr. Rima Laibow that I have previously shared provides abundant evidence of how diabolical and sophisticated these manipulations and plans are.

But we were warned, and I have shared some of those warnings with you in the past. Examples of these warnings are New Order of Barbarians and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

So, I encourage you to remember that you are not your beliefs. They are like a set of clothes you wear, and you can change them in the light of new evidence and we all should be willing to do so.

And I will continue to bring you examples of evidence that will confront your beliefs. Remember, I never ask anyone to believe what I say. I simply share my understandings that have arisen from my own research, in the hope that you may be willing to examine the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions, and adjust your own beliefs where appropriate.

There is probably no more important a time to be doing this, as the rate at which lies and deceit are being dumped on us has perhaps never been greater. It is said that truth is the first casualty of war, and we, in my view, are in the middle of a war; as Graham Hancock calls it, a War on Consciousness. The fact that this talk by Graham was banned by TED is enough evidence in itself.

And if you don’t think we are, then I suggest that it is your beliefs that blind you to it, exactly as those who fashion those beliefs intend you to be. If this describes you, take the time to investigate some of the links in this post, and perhaps we might remove a blinker or two.

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