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This article by Preston James is an excellent overview of the way our world is controlled and who controls it. James has written many articles about what he and others at VT call the Khazarian Mafia. I like the term. Much more appropriate than calling them the global elite. They’re really the worst of the global scumbags. They just happen to own most hard assets in our world and have persuaded the rest of us to place value on the paper they print. And they simply murder anyone who opposes that system and have done for centuries.

And there is a growing awareness of how they operate, as James says, courtesy primarily of the Internet:

Without these bold first-time disclosures of Gordon Duff and Mike Harris, VT readers would not have been able to connect the dots and begin to understand what the KM is or how it has parasitized America and most of the world.

Nor would they be able to understand what it has done to rise to such world power and where it is within striking distance to take down the whole world and complete its evil Globalist NWO one-world agenda.

Without these bold disclosures you would see and feel its fingerprints everywhere in your daily life but you would not know its name, its history, its composition, what empowers it.

Nor would you understand what its overall agenda is which is asset stripping, induced death and destruction for profit, power, and world domination, all intended to produce for a KM Globalist NWO one-world government end-state.

And it is now pretty clear that without the emergence of some very informed and disgusted Intel Cowboys from all over the world, there would be no major leaks of the secret evil that the KM has been perpetrating all over the world and in America, their home economic and military base.

The KM has always known that if various renegade Intel disclosed their secret evil this could be a serious threat to their syndicate’s power.

That is why they set up so many advanced procedures to compartmentalize all areas of Intel — the higher you go, the more narrow the scope.

This has all been done in an effort to keep high ranking Intel from connecting the dots and understanding that they are working as part of system to destroy their own nation, their own families and humankind itself.

Because when some Intel gain too much information about the KM crimes committed under the cover of invoked “national security” a certain percentage will secretly rebel.

That secret rebellion can take the form of sandbagging (working hard but producing little) or leaking damaging information through various complex means.

In recent years Intel Cowboys from all over the world have rebelled because they could not accept the big picture they discovered in their jobs. Some have organized into groups which have become such powerful factions that are able to openly speak out and resist the evils of the KM.

It is now known beyond any shadow of a doubt that the KM Top Chieftains who sit at the top of the pyramidal Establishment Hierarchy are the top policy-makers in America and maintain a set of Core Edicts upon which they base their policy mandates on. These are reflected in USG Laws and most large corporate policies.

End of quote.

One of the horrific practices James goes on to discuss is mind control. There is an article I have been wanting to write about how a young 25yo Aussie called Steve McMurray, wanting to satisfy himself that the extraordinary experiences that Fiona Barnett has reported and documented were real, pulled some threads that exposed the mind control practices in Australia, back to the end of WWII and overseen here by yet another member of the horrific Huxley family who oversaw these practices implemented globally, as representatives of the Rothschild family. He has documented this, along with Fiona Barnett, on and it’s also discussed in this interview and this interview. The Huxley/Rothschild link is revealed in one of these interviews.

James refers to an interview of Dr Robert Duncan, a developer of advanced, targeted personal interference based mind control for the CIA by Jesse Ventura. Unsurprisingly, this is full of Ventura hype, dramatic music, etc. A far better and informative interview of Duncan can be found here, conducted by Tyrone Dew, himself a target of this technology. When you understand that this technology exists and how it is used, you will begin to understand at least one hidden source of people behaving in ways described as terrorists, and how people can be “radicalised” at will.

Take the time to understand these things, as Robert Duncan encourages us to do. Unless we do, we are just another “deer in the headlights”.


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