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The truth can stand endless scrutiny. Lies and deceit are another matter…

It is why denial of the holohoax will guarantee you a term in jail in Germany and many other countries. In Germany, you cannot bring forth evidence to support your case. You can only plead insanity or guilty and place yourself at the disposal of the court. And remember, the US of A has been owned, lock stock and barrel by these satanic barbarians since they were given illegal authority to set up the Fed in 1913; though it was only the last brick in a long running construction plan, perhaps extending back to the country’s very creation. It is absolutely no accident that WWI quickly followed in 1914, the Bolshevik (Jewish) “Revolution” in 1917 and on we go. Gerard Menuhin explains in his recent book “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil: Recognize the True Enemy and Join to Fight Him” that European countries had been prepared to go to war for at least 30 years, but there was no funding for the war itself before the Fed was set up:

From 1887 to 1914, this precarious system of heavily armed but bankrupt European nations endured, while the United States continued to be a debtor nation, borrowing money from abroad, but making few loans, because we did not have a central bank or “mobilization of credit.” The system of national loans developed by the Rothschilds served to finance European struggles during the 19th century, because they were spread out over Rothschild branches in several countries. By 1900, it was obvious that the European countries could not afford a major war… The Federal Reserve System began operations in 1914, forcing the American people to lend the Allies $25 billion, which was not repaid, although considerable interest was paid to New York bankers. The American people were driven to make war on the German people, with whom we had no conceivable political or economic quarrel. Moreover, the United States comprised the largest nation in the world composed of Germans; almost half of its citizens were of German descent… During 1915 and 1916, Wilson kept faith with the bankers who had purchased the White House for him, by continuing to make loans to the Allies. On March 5, 1917, Walter Hines Page [U.S. Ambassador to Britain] sent a confidential letter to Wilson. “I think that the pressure of this approaching crisis has gone beyond the ability of the Morgan Financial Agency for the British and French Governments… The greatest help we could give the Allies would be a credit. Unless we go to war with Germany, our Government, of course, cannot make such a direct grant of credit.”

End of quote.

So much for the “Land of the Free”. What a croc.

The Kindle version of Menuhin’s book has recently been removed from Amazon. What surprises me is you can still buy the physical book from them.

And so, it is of no surprise that we find Ernst Zundel is unable to join his wife, Ingrid in the USA:

After 14 years of legal wrangling at the cost of millions of dollars to both sides, the US government has ruled on discretionary grounds by an unelected bureaucrat named Ron Rosenberg, Chief, Administrative Appeals Office of the US Department of Homeland Security, that Ernst Zündel is banned from joining his family in the US.

According to this ruling, a dissident contesting a disputed historical claim such as the “Auschwitz gassing” is now a “…criminal of moral turpitude.” Can it get any more Kafkaesque?

More will be said about this latest Zundel development at a later time. For now, here is the latest instalment of the ever-expanding Global Zundel-Saga… Ingrid Zundel

End of quote.

Ernst Zundel is a courageous man, willing to put his life and liberty on the line for the truth.

Voltaire is credited with the following pithy observation: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise“.

Pull on that thread and it tells you all.

May we soon see the changes in our world that allow Ernst and Ingrid to live freely together wherever they choose; two brave champions of freedom and truth.


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