Exposed: Plans to Balkanise Syria

This video from Syrian Girl is once more on the money.

She exposes the long held plan to Balkanise Syria and interviews a Syrian soldier for an on the ground perspective.

But what’s missing is that this plan of dividing up the various countries in the Middle East, as has been done in Iraq, is an Israeli (Zionist) plan for their long term control and expanding takeover of the region.

Once more, America is used as the Zionist controlled tool to undertake the longer term Israeli plan on their behalf.

But there’s a fly in the ointment. It’s called Iran and its unmentioned (by the media) mastery of plasma technology, fostered by Mehran Keshe. In this video from Tuesday (March 22nd), Keshe claims once again that Iran’s advanced knowledge of plasma technology is what lies behind the Iran/US nuclear deal and makes the new claim from a NASA report that Iran is 70 years ahead of the US in plasma technology (Keshe states this here).

In my opinion, Keshe and his technology and his understandings hold great potential for not just the Middle East but the world in general.

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