Photographic evidence of extra-terrestrials and UFOs

Perhaps the most powerful gathering of evidence of extra-terrestrial life and its interaction with Earth and humanity was contained in the 2001 National Press Club presentation organised by Dr Steven Greer, where a large number of people gathered, many of them military or former military personnel, to share their experiences. Unsurprisingly, despite the public forum, it was not publicised in the mainstream press.

Recently a YouTube video came to light, which shares the testimony of Boyd Bushman, who was a retired senior scientist with Lockheed Martin. Bushman made this video shortly before his death in August, 2014. His photos clearly show UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings of humanoid form. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this video was deleted from YouTube, but you can watch it here.

So, there existence is not open to question; which leads to the questions: Why is the knowledge being hidden from humanity? Whose agenda is served by keeping this hidden?

To begin with, the notion that we started out in the primordial slime goes straight out the door.

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