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I quote from this article:

On Sunday  July 5, the Greek people voted in a historic referendum to refuse the Troika’s draft agreement. 

The Referendum was an outright  ”ritual of democracy”.  The Greek people were betrayed. On Monday morning, July 6, on the day following the referendum, Prime minister Tsipras put forth a 13 page draft proposal which included most of the demands of the creditors.  This proposal, which was drafted before the referendum in close consultation with the creditors was essentially intended to lead towards the acceptance of the creditors’ demands, namely to support the YES vote which was defeated in the July 5 Referendum.  

This about-turn had been carefully engineered. The Greek people were misled and deceived. PM Tsipras was “in bed with the creditors” while leading the No Campaign. He had made a deal with the creditors, he was in favor of accepting the demands of the creditors all along. The NO mandate of  the Greek people was meant to be ignored. And the decision to stall the implementation of the NO Vote was taken BEFORE the referendum. 

The July 6 post referendum document put forth by PM Tsipras on Monday 6 July was accepted in substance by the Troika. It was then endorsed by the Greek Parliament. 

End of quote.

For me, the evidence to support this deception was the immediate departure (clearly dismissed) of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis the morning after the referendum. Nothing could be more blatant.

But the more important point for me is Prof Michel Chossudovsky’s (author) expectation that the democratic process is anything other than a window dressing process to appease the public and have them think they have some influence. They don’t. Usually the deception is more carefully hidden, but time was against them. Those who run our world, represented by the financial “troika” negotiating with Greece, run both side of perhaps all political parties, certainly in all major countries. For example, this has been truth in the United States since at least the end of the 19th century. But the level of propaganda is so high, now, that they can pull off this heist in broad daylight and the public will accept it. Or will they?

And is the agreement illegal? Be clear, the law does not apply to these people. The law is only for the little people.

Now, I’m not saying the Greeks did not contribute to their situation. They did. Retirement at 50 is a luxury they could not afford, albeit the observation arises in the context of the financial system that has long been engineered against the public, but it is the reality of the world today. But we have not previously witnessed, in my opinion, such a blatant example of how our world actually works. Don’t think it’s restricted to Greece. It applies to wherever you are reading this.

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