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I have written extensively over the last three or so years on how satanism and its associated use of paedophilia and child sacrifice, often involving mind control, are used to control ALL of those who have roles of power in our world, whether it be political, business, religious, judicial, legal, administrative, policing; ALL are subject to this hidden control system. Hidden unless you follow the threads. And if you want to examine this, go to my blog at and key in a phrase into the search field on the top RHS such as “child sacrifice” or paedophilia or “mind control” or “hunting party” or satanic, or many other terms. It will all come tumbling out in front of you. Perhaps this article is a good place to start, along with this excellent piece by James Corbett.

And perhaps the dam of secrecy that hides this from the public is being breached.

For me, it began with this video by Steve Pieczenik revealing the involvement of Hillary and Bill Clinton in paedophilia at Jeffrey Epstein’s island resort, travelling there on Epstein’s plane known as the “Lolita Express” (“Jeffrey Epstein” is another good search term on my blog). Importantly, Pieczenik has revealed how they have used WikiLeaks, it appears with the cooperation of Julian Assange, to reveal Hillary Clinton’s entanglement in these practices, though as I wrote a couple of days ago, the evidence was there 20 years ago for those willing to look.

And the connection to John Podesta, Chairman of Hillary’s election committee, revealed by WikiLeaks, through reference to the satanic ritual known as “Spirit Cooking” has been picked up in this detailed video revealing the satanic practices of Marina Abramovic, the source of the email exposing Podesta’s involvement and, from a different perspective, in this one by David Icke, who has long spoken and written of these practices.

As I’ve long said, these practices and those who use them to control our world need to be revealed if we are to disempower them and those demonic forces that control and feed off them and their practices.

Has this process begun?

Some of you know that I believe we live in the time when this breakdown of their power will occur and humanity will be liberated from their grip; this time when the sun as viewed from Earth sits in alignment with Galactic Centre, in the dark rift of the Milky Way galaxy at the December solstice, a span of 30-40 years that we are now in. This time was foretold to us by our ancestors in many different ways, at least as far back as 11,500 years as I illustrate here, and as extensively illustrated and discussed 20 years ago by Graham Hancock in his pivotal book “Fingerprints of the Gods”.

May it be so. It is what I live for; to see humanity set free.


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