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This brief video reveals a few examples of the extraordinarily racist content of the Talmud.

Take a few minutes to listen if you are unfamiliar with this. There is, perhaps, no more extreme racism than some of the content of the Talmud.

But if you mention it, you are being anti-Semitic… Indeed, it’s forbidden for non-Jews to read it.


More might wake up to what is going on.

It is this double standard, policed with a power and vitriol that is scarcely imaginable that sets the scene for the manipulation, control  and barbarism we see in our world, and people shy away from looking into it.

I can’t imagine the Jewish reaction if Christian, Muslims or Buddhists had even fringe religious texts with these words, but the Talmud is mainstream, and you better not dare mention it.

Actually, it’s much more than a double standard, since the Zionists made up a story about their persecution by Hitler’s National Socialists and blame all goyim by association for it, and meanwhile they have been the most barbarous people on the planet, practising genocide that is entirely consistent with the words of the Talmud. 60M or more Russians in the early 20th century, 1M Armenians during WWI, who knows how many Germans and others during and after WWII, countless Palestinians which continues to this day, indirectly they are responsible for the American slaughter in the Middle East; I could go on. But when your religious text tells you that non-Jews are equal to or worse than animals – inhuman – and you should lie to, cheat and deceive non-Jews, then it’s all justified and easily conducted without a shred of conscience.

It’s time for the world to wake up to this and more Jews to speak up about it. Your silence condemns you, because you know it far better than non-Jews.

But there I go again, being “anti-Semitic”. I chuckle every time I hear the word, since most Jews are not Semites and most Semites are not Jews. Indeed the Khazarian Jewish slaughter of the Palestinians is the most anti-Semitic act imaginable. But the press slavishly publishes these recent words from Netanyahu: the scope of Jewish terrorism can in no way be compared to the much greater Palestinian terrorism

And nobody screams?

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas festivities. Far more important.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” Such irony.

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