Kirby de Lanerolle demonstrates we do not need food to live

Kirby de Lanerolle is a Sri Lankan who claims he has lived with only minimal food – living as a breatharian –  for 5 years. He says he eats occasionally for the joy of eating, not for its sustenance. I have written about this phenomenon before, including the story of Prahlad Jani, who has lived for 70 years without food or water; but the thing that is different about Kirby is here we have an articulate champion and teacher of this practice. And we may we all look as fit and healthy as Kirby does!!!

Here is a 23 minute interview by Lilou Mace, which I recommend, and here is a short, 3 minute segment from a longer program by National Geographic on Kirby. In simple terms, food does have to be the defining factor in human life that it currently is. Mehran Keshe claims that we all already get some 80% of our energy requirements from such energy sources (e.g.  prana from the sun).

But don’t hold your breath waiting for breatharianism to be taught through any official channels. It threatens way too many pillars of this matrix we live inside.

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