Lavrov: US is organizing a coup d’etat in Russia

Anyone watching the signs will know that the United States as the representative of those forces that are hell bent on keeping the US dollar as the global trading currency (read the global bankers) is committed to regime change in Russia, however they can bring it about.

Lavrov says they’re planning a coup. He’s not the only one to say so. There’s also evidence that war could be a likely option. I still say the MH17 farce was aimed at Putin’s plane, which was in the area at the time and looked a lot like it, and it was clearly shot down by a Ukrainian fighter. Nothing else makes any real sense of it.

No-one goes against the plans of the global bankers and survives – at least not since American President Jackson survived the banker-created attempt on his life because he was committed to removing the then private central bank.

It is very clear they do not like the BRICS initiatives. So, we watch and wait. Remember, all of this is the public show of things, when there has always been cooperation behind the scenes to ensure there are at least two strong forces to justify fear-mongering. Russia could never have rebuilt and become a nuclear power without key technology and materials provided by the United States at the time.

But they’re mortal enemies!!! Then you’re not paying attention. I suggest you watch this interview with Dr. Antony Sutton, as well as this one, which discusses the array of Skull and Bones members in roles of power, amongst other things, back in Reagan’s time.

We are all so addicted to the shadow puppets arrayed in front of our eyes, we think it’s real. It’s not. It’s all serving the agenda of the global bankers, who have owned the game since well before any of our grandparents were born.

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