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I quote this post in full. It’s just another example of what is happening to our world:

Accurate prediction is a much stronger proselytising tool that post de facto analysis, no matter insightful the latter.  Let me explain by reference to Star Wars. For some time now I’ve been trying to awaken this young guy who has drunk deeply of the PC mind rot. And he’s been making steady progress, you’ll be pleased to learn. Given that he’s also a Trekky (but not nerdishly so) I took the opportunity presented by the latest Star Wars incarnation to  his awakening.
I told him there’s be a heroic intelligent and honourable black guy in a lead role, women would be leaders, solitary, fearless and capable warriors, totally independent of any man. Muds and sexual degenerates of all sorts would predominate among the good guys while the villains would be straight, White, Germanic-looking and brandishing Christian-like symbols. All of which, my deeply impressed young friend informed me, came to pass. The day he formally takes the red pill is approaching fast.
Mind you it required no great wisdom on my part to predict all of this. Because since Jewish interests seized control of the franchise the resulting debasement was inevitable given its iconic status and mass following. The nation-wreckers would never pass up on such a rich opportunity. In any event Director J.J. Abrams made his position abundantly clear. Having expressed his objections to the ‘sexist and racist’ original SW he openly admitted that ‘we’re casting this show and we have an opportunity to do anything we want, why not cast the show with actors of color?’
So another cultural institution, conceived and developed by Whites and for Whites has been taken over by Jewish money, debased, and used to subvert the race that created it. Meanwhile its White victims queue up for days to hand over their money to their enemies who will use it to further hasten their displacement.
This guy springs to mind once again.

The Irish Savant

Of course there are those who think I’m being racist in sharing such an article.

In a way, I wish it were true.

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