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The West’s media—under orders to censor any news of Jewish supremacism—has refused to publicize this week’s massive hate rally attended by thousands of Jews in Tel Aviv which called for all Arabs to be killed.

The Western media’s blackout is in marked contrast to their blanket coverage of the tiniest example of what it calls “white racism.”

The Tel Aviv rally—organized to support an Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded Palestinian by shooting him in the head as the victim lay on his back—was marked by chants and banners calling for mass murder.

The rally took place on Tuesday evening, April 19, in Tel Aviv’s Yitzhak Rabin Square, and the many thousands of Jews in the crowd were, according to reports in the Israeli media, baying for blood.

One Jewish reporter, Dan Cohen, tweeted that many in the crowd chanted, “Death to Arabs,” a frequently heard rallying cry at anti-Palestinian demonstrations.

Ahmed Tibi, a Palestinian lawmaker in Israel’s parliament, posted an image of a sign displayed at the rally reading, “Kill them all.”

End of quote.

This blatant “double standard” is widespread but goes without comment in the MSM.

Just like Bibi’s wall to keep the migrants out of precious Israel, whilst they foster their invasion of Europe and they conduct genocide of the black African Jews from Ethiopia and elsewhere.

But let’s all sleep on. Remember, we terrible Europeans killed 6M Jews in WWII…

Except neither the collective goyim “we” nor Hitler on our behalf did no such thing. But don’t say so in a growing number of countries or you’ll go to jail.

This image kinda gets it.

Israel vs. nearby countries - Any Questions

Pure coincidence, of course.

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