More pointers to the COVID-19 scamdemic and its consequences

There is a growing amount of public evidence that more and more people are “smelling a rat” with this COVID-19 scamdemic or Plandemic, as it is variously called by those who can see it.

Firstly, this excellent analysis by medical doctor, Dr. Carrie Madej (also posted here in case YouTube removes it), discussing the role of the planned vaccination in moving towards what she calls Human 2.0, a hybrid human, tracked, trained and programmed. If you think this is some fiction, listen to Madej. For me, this is not new; however, Madej expresses it very cogently and in the context of what is currently being done.

Next we have an Italian doctor, calling this for what it is, including the inaccuracies of the RT-PCR test.

We also have a top French Professor of Medicine revealing the psyop on mainstream television.

Here is Dr. Ted Noel demonstrating the lunacy of masks in supposedly preventing the spread of COVID-19. It was never the purpose in wearing them, as many have shown. This is the best demonstration of this I’ve seen.

Then we have Bill Gates revealing his plans to reduce the global population.

Finally, yesterday (August 29) there were many protests around the world about this scamdemic. Here is David Icke (alternative at this link) presenting at the “Unite for Freedom” protest in London.

As I said, there are signs people are waking up.

Thank you to everyone who sent this material to me.


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