The lockdown protests in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia on September 5 were peaceful and well attended

Thank you, Gilda.

You may know that there were protests against the draconian lockdowns in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia on September 5, 2020. If you heard the MSM version, these were violent and poorly attended.

The truth is the dead opposite, as you should expect.

This video (backup here) tells a very different story.


Well attended.

Targeted arrests by the police.

Thank you, my fellow Aussies, for standing up. You give me hope.

And if you’re not an Aussie, you will probably not recognise the singer as a “Melbourne boy”, John Farnham.

Please share this video far and wide if it resonates with you. It is only through our personal networks that this message can spread. And begin to rediscover them outside of Facebook…


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