US Congress just approved unlimited data collection without authorisation

These things are usually slipped through in holiday time or the dead of night when the public is looking the other way. And similar legislation is being enacted around the globe, if it’s not already there.

So, despite the efforts of Ed Snowden and those who supported him, the Big Brother machine rolls on.

As a number have observed, protecting your data and your communications is a personal issue for which you and you and you alone are responsible. Fortunately, easy to use, powerfully encrypted tools are becoming available to provide all we need. Another year at most will see several strong options in all areas – phone calls, messaging, chat, cloud-based document storage and sharing, across users of many different platforms, e.g.  iOS to Android. It’s up to you to decide what, if any of your communications and information is worth protecting.

Of course, it’s all being done to protect us from terrorism… Just like America has been destroying countries for decades for the purpose of bringing them democracy. What a croc.

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