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In case you were wondering, Australia is about as racist as a country can be and are most publicly pursuing the genocide of its native people, as illustrated by this article. I quote:

The WA Corrective Services minister says he is “proud” of the Barnett government’s record on juvenile detention, despite plans to toughen mandatory sentencing laws, which experts say will only lead to more Aboriginal children in jail.

Western Australia currently jails the highest proportion of Aboriginal men, women and children in the country. Aboriginal youth are 53 times more likely to be jailed than their non-Indigenous counterparts.

The adult prison population has exploded since Premier Colin Barnett took office in 2008, going from 1,590 Aboriginal adults in jail to 2,214 in jail as of last week.

The Barnett government’s failure to address the Aboriginal incarceration crisis was recently highlighted by two reports from global advocacy group Amnesty International, one of which directly targeted Western Australia’s juvenile justice system.

But last week, the state’s Corrective Services minister Joe Francis told WA Parliament he was “proud” of his government’s record, saying that the numbers of juveniles in detention had reached a low.

“We are very proud of (our) record on juveniles. We have managed to have almost record laws of juveniles in detention for decades,” Mr Francis said.

End of quote.

It is clear to me there is a global plan to wipe indigenous peoples of the face of the Earth. The evidence is abundant; it’s just that most look at the issue as a local one, within that geographic location.

On the other hand, whilst there are those amongst, for example, Australia’s aboriginals who are fighting back, most stay living in appalling white man’s housing and eating the worst white man’s food; housing and food they would never have considered appropriate in their historical context. Most of them are addicted to white man’s drugs and white man’s food and ways of living and, in my view, the only way they have any real future is to reclaim their ancient way of life. I have no idea how practical that is. Clearly, it will be fought tooth and nail by white officialdom because, even if those who implement the laws do not understand them, the destruction of these people and their way of life is codified. The way things are, it’s simply a matter of time.

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