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Clif high’s data told us to expect the first evidence of the impending cooling period this year (2017), which I mention in my article Global warming hoax beginning to be exposed, in which I also mention unseasonal snowfalls in the Middle East and Africa earlier this year:

There have been three snowfalls in the Sahara this winter, the first time for nearly 40 years there’s been ANY snow there, and this report of the second shows falls of a metre – not just a dusting. And separately, we currently have blizzard conditions and associated deaths in Iran, with the heaviest snowfalls in 50 years. Obviously the planet is getting irretrievably warmer…

And then we have this whistleblower story saying that NOAA falsified a report leading up to the Paris climate change conference, making the data more in favour of warming. Surely not!!!

Mind you, if you remove the “corrections” applied to much of the weather station data from across the planet, which amounts to about 1.5C, you get left with – no warming.

End of quote.

And perhaps the evidence of the shift is showing up in the United States:

Blizzard conditions and heavy snow swept western Kansas, including 14 to 20 inches in Colby in the northwestern quadrant of the No. 1 winter wheat state in the nation, said the Weather Channel. “We lost the western Kansas wheat crop this weekend. Just terrible,” tweeted Justin Gilpin, chief executive of the grower-funded Kansas Wheat Commission.

End of quote.

Those who haven’t bought the NWO global warming nonsense and have done their homework know it’s the sun that drives global warming and cooling, excluding “rogue” events such as meteors, massive volcanic eruptions, etc., and the sunspot cycle just completed marked a significant reduction in sunspot activity, similar to that experienced during the Maunder Minimum.

Ben Davidson discusses this event in today’s Suspicious Observer video.

It’ll be interesting to watch the global warming bullshit machine try and cater for this shift as it unfolds. It just won’t go back in its box.

This is shaping as one of threads that will rip their global psyop asunder.


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