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MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The first ever World Health Organization global report on diabetes published today paints a deadly picture of a disease growing on an enormous scale.
It shows there are four times as many diabetics in the world now as there were 30 years ago and the disease is responsible for the deaths of 3.7 million people each year.
The report recommends governments around the world fully fund programs to bring down rates of diabetes and suggests using legislation and fiscal policies to discourage unhealthy foods like sugary drinks.
The only Australian contributor to the report says a sugar tax should be considered here, and questions whether there is the political will to address the problem.

End of quote.

Actually the WHO must be cheering. They are one of many global organisations that posture as having the health of humanity at heart but do not. WHO was created by the global elite and does their bidding, part of which is to reduce the global population whilst generating massive profits for those elite owned companies that posture as trying to protect and preserve human life. It’s a key part of the strategy, wherever you look: posture as helping humanity, whilst profitably killing and maiming them. Big Pharma is a classic.

So, what causes Type II diabetes? Simply put, it’s the huge and ongoing spikes of blood sugar, which trigger insulin to remove it. Apart from precipitating this excess sugar as fat (which is what makes us fat, not the consumption of saturated fats as we are told), the insulin regulation system becomes fatigued and finally gives up – which is what Type II diabetes is.

Returning to the article, of course sugary drinks are a factor (and the so-called diet sodas are not better – another way to quietly kill people), but that’s only the beginning of the game.

What is not spoken about is that so-called modern wheat, which came into the diet in about 1980, has been designed to kill. I say this for two primary reasons (there are others):

  1. The consumption of modern wheat spikes the blood sugar more than consuming straight glucose
  2. There are compounds in modern what that plug into the same brain receptors as heroin. They make us feel good and trials have shown we eat more when what we eat includes modern what than when it doesn’t.

This video by Dr William Davis tells this story better than I can begin to.

And modern wheat was created before GMO came into place, using cruder but nonetheless effective tools, so it escapes the GMO “labelling”.

But there’s more…

If you read the “science”, all sugars are largely the same – bad for you.

But there’s a little, well-hidden secret. The body has a mechanism for regulating the release of natural sugars into the blood stream that doesn’t work for refined sugars and carbohydrates, including white sugar and flour, that permeate so much of the food we eat. I have never seen anything specifically written about this. The understanding of it came to me through the spiritual work I have done for many years.

But there is very clear evidence.

The Glycaemic Index (the rate of conversion into blood sugar) for raw honey is about 32, whereas table sugar (sucrose) is about 60. Fructose (fruit sugar) is 12-25 if unprocessed.

At first blush, you would expect that honey would pass into the blood stream as rapidly as sucrose, but it doesn’t.

In other words, the body regulates the release of natural sugars, but not processed, foreign sugars and carbohydrates, thus not triggering the insulin regularity system in the same way.

But don’t expect the WHO to discuss this, nor the processed food industry.

They’re all too busy making money as they kill us with what they have addicted us to.

It’s a great model. Masterful. And all the while they posture as if they have our interests at heart.

The global epidemic in Type II diabetes is easy to understand and to protect yourself from if you are willing to look. Just don’t expect to find the answer on your television or in your supermarket food aisle.

Put simply, drink spring water and buy single ingredient foods and prepare them as your grandparents did – or not all. And read the ingredients of everything you buy and select those without added sugar and flour. It takes effort, but once done you can easily rebuy them.

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