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This Intercept article speaks for itself.

Apart from this horrific destruction in Yemen, which is largely unreported in the MSM, for me it is just another example of the wholesale destruction of countries and peoples and their way of life in Africa and the Middle East. You cannot fail to be aware of the horrific flood of refugees currently flowing into Europe, overwhelming any infrastructure to cater for them.

Do not think this is an accident. Like all of these events, this destruction and subsequent refugee problem is intentional. For me, this goes beyond the agenda of diluting the European genetic stock (I’m not arguing for or against this), which is and has been a clear agenda item by the globalists. The numbers are so overwhelming that bloodshed and, perhaps, major war will flow and more than likely major genocide – beyond what has already occurred. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, for example, were advanced cultures of well-educated people. They have, quite literally, had all of the infrastructure of their countries destroyed. They have not quite been bombed back to the stone age, but it’s well down the path. And Yemen shows it continues to fan out.

This video from today, with the tagline “Civil war has started in France” shows Muslim youths rampaging through Paris. In my opinion, this kind of event will rapidly become widespread. Europe has become a racial and religious powder keg, and its explosion is just a matter of time.

Just don’t think this is some kind of accident. It’s all been thoroughly planned and fostered. Is this the trigger for Albert Pike’s long forecast WWIII between Islam and Christianity?

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