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iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data

Snowden’s information continues to trickle out, now revealing the work done by the NSA to infiltrate your  smartphone – .

We should assume that the NSA and their cohorts can access everything about anyone at any time. The question then is: what, if anything can or will be done about it?

Privacy – if it ever existed – is truly a thing of the past. 

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Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from govt controlled lands

This is an interesting development, if true.  .

 It does appear that the situation as it exists does not have enough momentum for Obama to comfortably launch his missile attack on Syria. An attack on Israel, ostensibly by Assad but launched by the rebels would seem to be a good way to “force the hand” of America to teach Assad a lesson.

 Remember, every war in the last 100 years and perhaps in the last 300 has been a false flag event. We just have a ringside seat to the games this time.

 Again, we watch and wait. In my view, the ones really driving this (not really Obama in my view) will not be stopped by anything. They will do whatever it takes to have this attack sanctioned.

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