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The Fukushima cover-up

In the following video, you will hear Dr. Patrick Flanagan claim that the radioactive pollution from Fukushima is the equivalent of 10 Hiroshima bombs every hour, 24/7. A mind-boggling thought.

What are the consequences for the world, beginning with all forms of life in or near the Pacific Ocean? 

What’s being done about it? A cover-up. Certainly little to try and deal with it or alert the humans exposed to it. 

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Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy

Thank you to all of those who sent me this video. It will be interesting to see where this goes or whether he lives very long – .

 For the moment, his channel is still in place, and many have honoured his request to spread it far and wide. 

If you have read Cathy O’Brien’s books, what Robert Connors is saying here is of no surprise whatsoever. The music industry has been deeply manipulated if not controlled entirely by the mind control fraternity for perhaps 50 years. The same is also true of the film industry, at least back to Reagan’s time as an actor, let alone his time in politics. 

For me, part of what’s interesting is how these secrets are coming forth at this time. Here is a man who was involved with MK Ultra – more specifically one of its offshoots in Operation Sedgwick, a key thread of the US mind control practices, coming forth and revealing what he knows. Before this we had Edward Snowden and others.  

Is the house of cards beginning to crumble? It can only remain in place whilst those who know stay silent. 

I honour Robert. His own integrity and what he stands for is more important to him than life itself. That’s what it takes to change this consciousness and to expose those who control it. 

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The selling and marketing of Pope Francis vs. the Truth…

Pope Francis has emerged as a figure that many disillusioned Catholics and even critics of the Catholic Church have warmed to. Maybe this really is a simple man of the people, shunning the privilege and the pomp and circumstance of his role for that of his “flock”. 

So let’s hear from Steve Pieczenik, who has more than a little inside knowledge of his past – .

The truth is far different from the simple, squeaky clean image we are being sold. Not really any surprises, given the truth of the Catholic Church. No amount of polishing and sweet talking can hide the fact that the entire premise of the church is flawed – or more accurately a series of bald-faced lies. 

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