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Suppressed WHO Reports on Rise of Cancer and Birth Defects in Iraq. Cover-up of War Crimes.

Another article from the same site discusses how the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently suppressed a report on the impact of the depleted uranium (DU to those who like TLA’s) on the Iraqi people. 

To me, this is no surprise if you understand whose interests the WHO actually serves – yep, that thousand-armed octopus I seem to find myself referring to so often. 

The following is a quote from an article in The Independent that shares some of the results: 

It played unwilling host to one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq war. Fallujah’s homes and businesses were left shattered; hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed. Its residents changed the name of their “City of Mosques” to “the polluted city” after the United States launched two massive military campaigns eight years ago.  Now, one month before the World Health Organisation reveals its view on the legacy of the two battles for the town, a new study reports a “staggering rise” in birth defects among Iraqi children conceived in the aftermath of the war.

High rates of miscarriage, toxic levels of lead and mercury contamination and spiralling numbers of birth defects ranging from congenital heart defects to brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs have been recorded.
Even more disturbingly, they appear to be occurring at an increasing rate in children born in Fallujah, about 40 miles west  of Baghdad.

There is “compelling evidence” to link the increased numbers of defects and miscarriages to military assaults, says Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, one of the lead authors of the report and an environmental toxicologist at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Similar defects have been found among children born in Basra after British troops invaded, according to the new research. 

The impact of the Iraqi war will remain for thousands of years, unless technology is brought to bear that is currently not widely known or available. Yet another good way to get rid of that extra 6.5BN pesky people on the planet. 

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PS TLA = Three Letter Acronyms – or Two…

Continuity of Military Agenda: Syria Catastrophe Engineered Under Bush, Executed Verbatim Under Obama

Thank you, Molly. 

There are two threads in this article that I have spoken of before:

1.  The fundamental agenda continues to be rolled out, regardless of which political party is in power – in the United States or elsewhere

2.  The so-called “Arab Spring” is promoted as representing a people’s uprising against tyrannical governments, when in truth it is US-sponsored activity, organised to undermine the current governments for their own purposes, or more accurately the purposes of those who run the game behind the scenes. 

The following quote from that article covers it fairly well:

In an April 2011 AFP report, Michael Posner, the assistant US Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor, admitted that:

“US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years [starting in 2009] to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments. ”The report went on to admit that the US “organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there.” Posner would add, “They went back and there’s a ripple effect.”

Not only were the protests in Syria planned, funded, and directed by the US State Department, years before the so-called “Arab Spring” began, but so were the alleged protests that “triggered” events in Syria – namely similarly engineered protests in Tunisia, Egypt, and the violent US-led subversion carried out in Libya.

What’s more disturbing is that the US-engineered “protests” were not designed to overthrow targeted governments, but instead to serve as a smokescreen for similarly pre-planned armed subversion. As early as 2007, under then President George Bush, the arming, funding, and otherwise supporting of sectarian extremists across the Middle East to undermine Lebanon, Syria, and Iran was put into motion.

A good illustration of how the game goes.

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