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Monsanto’s Government influence, Nestle’s play to control the world’s potable water

The early part of this video provides an excellent summary of some of the key elements regarding Monsanto and Nestle. In the case of Monsanto, it mentions, amongst other things:

Their history with DDT and Agent Orange

*  The doctrine of substantial equivalence, which is the wide open barn door through which GMO product flows unrestricted into the American food chain (and any attempts to label foods containing GMO products in the US are vigorously resisted by Monsanto and others)

*  The revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA and other so-called regulators (this practice is not limited to Monsanto nor the FDA) 

Some good journalism here, in my opinion.

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9/11 Cancers Killing First Responders | Think Tank

Unsurprisingly, illness and death are emerging amongst the 9/11 first responders, although it will emerge throughout the population of New York, since the asbestos-related and other components of the “toxic soup” covered the entire city, the exposure being fostered by the claims a week later by the EPA that the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink…

Again, when you want to get down to 0.5BN people from 7BN on the planet, any mechanism will do. There is no value placed on individual human life by these people, despite their posturing – unless it’s theirs. 

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