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Blimplike surveillance craft set to deploy over Maryland heighten privacy concerns

They will look like two giant white blimps floating high above I-95 in Maryland, perhaps en route to a football game somewhere along the bustling Eastern Seaboard. But their mission will have nothing to do with sports and everything to do with war.

You can read the article here.

FW: David Icke Dot-Connector – EP5 discusses “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – on The People’s Voice

This video has unfortunately been deleted, hopefully to return; however, the previous episode, which covers amazing material recalled by a paediatrician in about 1990 from a presentation he attended in 1969, which I also shared on my blog, is just as important. If the Episode below is reposted I will let you know.


In this video, David Icke discusses “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, a document I have previously shared with you.

David discusses this and its impact upon us with great clarity. Now, if you are too busy with work, family, your favourite television programme, sport or whatever occupies your life to watch it, then this is EXACTLY why you should put aside an hour and do so. But be warned. You run a serious risk of getting to understand how your world works, why and who runs it – and then you can no longer say you didn’t know. Scary thought.

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