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Mind of Plants : Documentary on The Intelligence of Plants

This is a very interesting 50 minute documentary on the intelligence of plants. I am enjoying how the true nature of consciousness and intelligence in all things is coming forth in this time. Our forefathers understood these things, and the native people of the world have not forgotten them. Just we Westerners stuck in this isolated, false bubble we are persuaded is so superior.

The global economy

There was a time when I studied the markets in great detail using the methods of WD Gann. Not anymore, but I do keep a weather eye on them.

There is no doubt that the global economy is in far worse shape than the stockmarkets would indicate, and there are many who expect we will see a significant fall in these markets in the near future, which may lead to drastic fallout within the global financial system – all engineered, of course. Has this begun?

The DOW peaked at 16576 on December 30th last year. It has since made three lower highs, this week seeing a high on Tuesday of 16508. Its close on Friday was 15879, a fall from Tuesday’s high of 629, 318 of that fall occurring on Friday, a fall of 3.8% from Tuesday’s high.

The GFC of 2008 was used to drain the government coffers from the US and Europe in particular, so there are no government reserves to absorb the shock if and when it comes.

I am not saying you should do anything in particular, but for me, I plan to have useful cash reserves on hand (seeing I’m in the US) and have access to gold and silver coinage, along with plenty of food, water and petrol/gas supplies and I have no position in these markets.

The Internet and the NSA

This excellent post documents the nature and scope of what has been done to track all Internet traffic.

And this one from the EFF documents the timeline of the NSA’s spying.


Proof that near-death experiences ARE real

Thank you, Graham.


…Yet, during those three lost hours, he had apparently gone on a life-changing journey. His first sensation, he told me afterwards, was of ‘floating upwards to the top of the room. I looked down and I could see my body on the bed. It was lovely, so peaceful — and no pain at all.’

In the next moment, the hospital ward had disappeared and he’d entered a pink room, in which his father was standing next to a man with ‘long black scruffy hair and nice eyes.’ For a time, Tom talked telepathically with his father…

…Even more extraordinary is what happened to his right hand, which had been frozen since birth into a claw-like position.

(This had been noted on his hospital admission form, and his sister has since signed a statement confirming it.)

Yet, in front of me, soon after his near-death experience, Tom opened and flexed that same hand. This should not have been physiologically possible, as the tendons had permanently contracted. What had caused this sudden, seemingly spontaneous healing? Even now, science has no answers…

You can read this excellent article here. It’s time for us to move beyond the nonsense about death that we hold in the Western world in particular.

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