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An Edward Snowden and NSA update

Yesterday, Edward Snowden conducted his first public Q&A, where he responded to questions lodged by the public in response to Obama’s speech and the most controversial aspects of the NSA’s global spying apparatus. You can find a brief introduction to it from RT and the entire Q&A here.

In this video, Abby Martin of RT interviews David Seaman, journalist and host of the David Seaman Hour, about Snowden’s live online Q&A. It includes recognising that the mainstream media was focussed on the arrest of Justin Bieber (who?) and completely ignored the Snowden Q&A.

Interestingly, some of the biggest names in cryptography condemn NSA spying in an open letter. Of course, Obama disagrees that what the NSA is doing is illegal, even though his own advisory panel says NSA surveillance program should be ended.

For me, a key point in this, which gets overlooked by most is that, as pointed out in the brief RT intro also linked above, this NSA data gathering is really a euphemism for mass surveillance. A key reason for the terrorism façade created at the time of 9/11 is simply to have people give permission for more detailed mass surveillance. As I have mentioned before, all US children have been profiled since 1952. I also remember back in the late 90’s I had a guy working for me in Australia who supported the Cray Research business with defence and federal government in Australia, and he explained to me back then that he made a point of using key trigger words in all of his overseas phone calls to make sure he triggered the recording systems, so that his entire phone call was recorded so there could be no misunderstanding of what his call was about and to whom.

This detailed profiling goes on at every level possible, including our purchases. It is a key use of product barcoding in conjunction with your credit card details. It is one of the primary reasons for the creation of Universal Product Codes. It all goes into your personal profile that is tracked for every person on the planet. It is one of the items David Icke brings out in discussing “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

So don’t think this is EVER going away in this current consciousness. It will not and the pundits for the most part who discuss the NSA data gathering have not truly peeled the onion to understand the context within which this is all done. Those who run the game also run and control you, more than you can ever imagine unless you truly look. And it won’t stop without some fundamental and profound changes. As I’ve said before, we are all mostly focussed on the content of our lives without seriously considering its context – which leaves others free to create that context how they will, and trust me, they are and have been for a long, long time, manoeuvring us to exactly where they want us.

FW: David Icke Dot-Connector – EP5 discusses “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – on The People’s Voice

Thank you, Jean Marie.

Here is a link to the missing video of Episode 5.


From: Richard Presser []
Sent: Thursday, 23 January 2014 10:50
Subject: FW: David Icke Dot-Connector – EP5 discusses “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – on The People’s Voice

This video has unfortunately been deleted, hopefully to return; however the previous episode, which covers amazing material recalled by a paediatrician in about 1990 from a presentation he attended in 1969, which I also shared on my blog, is just as important. If the Episode below is reposted I will let you know.


In this video, David Icke discusses “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, a document I have previously shared with you.

David discusses this and its impact upon us with great clarity. Now, if you are too busy with work, family, your favourite television programme, sport or whatever occupies your life to watch it, then this is EXACTLY why you should put aside an hour and do so. But be warned. You run a serious risk of getting to understand how your world works, why and who runs it – and then you can no longer say you didn’t know. Scary thought.

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