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A Glimpse Into Institutionalised Child Abuse

I quote from the YouTube page for this video:

Brian Gerrish interviews child abuse survivor and Nottingham Beechwood children’s home whistleblower Melanie Shaw. Recently released from HMP Peterborough where she suffered nearly 6 months in solitary confinement, was denied medical treatment and was subjected to significant bullying and harassment, Melanie has also been harassed by Nottingham police.
In a catalogue of threats and intimidation Nottinghamshire Police have subjected her to unwanted phone calls, followed her, attended her home to threaten her with arrest and used a team of 6-7 black dressed ‘heavies’ to smash in her back door. Already suffering PTSD as a result of her abuse as a toddler by her own family, and subsequently through abuse by children’s services in Beechwood, there is no doubt that the actions of Nottingham Police have been designed to intimidate and ultimately silence Melanie.
It is her testimony of the rape and murder of children at Beechwood in 2011 which started Operation Daybreak. For Melanie the subsequent vicious action by the police is simply to silence her and to protect abusers within the establishment and political magic circle.
How can David Cameron and Theresa May’s Conservative Government allow this brutal treatment of vulnerable child abuse survivors? How could Crown Prosecution Boss Alison Saunders help protect Lord Janner from justice, but facilitate the vicious abuse of Melanie Shaw via ‘Star Chamber Courts’ without proper legal representation, or a Jury, or the Public, or the Press? There can only be one answer. The British government in its broadest sense, across all three parties, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat are collaborating, not to expose and stop child abuse, but to protect abusers.
Watch this powerful insight into the horrific world of Melanie Shaw as a result of her simply telling the truth.

End of quote.

Melanie’s story is not just duplicated in the U.K. but in all other English speaking countries and perhaps everywhere.

The way the “system” treats people like Melanie is a thread that leads to the horrific paedosadistic control system of our world, and hence those who take steps to expose it are dealt with as Melanie has been dealt with.

Polar ice extent undermines the global warming myth

Many of you won’t even look at this evidence because your beliefs have locked in place the notion of anthropogenic global warming, so effective is the propaganda machine on this and many other subjects.

But the evidence is undeniable. Not long ago, the alarmists were telling us there’d be no Arctic sea ice around the year 2000 or so. Well, it sure has not turned out that way. This brief daily update from Suspicious Observers gives you the current data, along with a solar and planetary weather update. To look specifically at the polar ice data segment, use this link. Or you can track it daily for yourself here.

In summary, the Antarctic ice is just below the records set last year, whilst the Arctic has shown a rapid recovery from a low at the end of May to showing levels not seen for a decade in June. In my opinion, the Arctic low we saw was induced by human intervention (remember the powerful cold flows out of the North into the US and Europe at that time, producing record cold records in parts of the US and over 8 feet of snow in the North East, whilst Alaska had to move their annual dogsled race north because of a lack of snow…), but the overall forces at work are far too great for the global game players to control.

This is an interesting factor to monitor, since the reflectivity of the polar ice is a major climate factor. More polar ice and the planet is cooler. And Antarctica holds about 90% of the world’s ice, dwarfing anything else. So, if that’s expanding, it’s not to be ignored.

The anticlimactic Belgian protest against paedosadism

This photo from the Belgian protest against paedosadism on June 27th shows just how much awareness there is of the horrific abuse of children in our world and how interested people are in seeing it change.

Belgian OpDeathEaters protest June 2015


About zero.

And if you have spent time understanding this dark structure, you will know that Belgium is arguably the “heart of darkness” in regard to this.

And people think they can bring change in this current consciousness?

Personally, I’m not holding my breath.

Despite the very determined efforts of some committed and informed campaigners such as Dr Rima Laibow, California has now made vaccination of all schoolchildren mandatory as what is known as SB 277 is signed into law.

And so it goes.

Short of a global bombshell that wakes people up, our dark controlling friends seem likely to have their way.

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