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Is the “JADE” In Jade Helm 15 An A.I. SOFTWARE Program?

Thank you, Molly.

There has been so much written and said about Jade Helm 15, and it has never really fitted together. We have known it is out of the ordinary for the US military to deploy domestically, yet it has been claimed it’s just some sort of routine training. It’s never quite washed with me. Then we have lots of fear-mongering, saying it was covert martial law being implemented. That didn’t fit for me, either. And there have been the endless videos of substantial and apparently unusual amounts of military equipment moving into the Jade Helm areas, and so on.

And now we have this very insightful video, that begins to make much more sense. This woman has done a lot of research and it is my opinion that she is right on the money – Jade Helm 15 is the field testing of a complex, automated command and control system, which potentially processes huge volumes of data, including social media data and generates rapid deployment plans to control a country or region, neutralising the destructive elements, etc. as needed. She believes it is the testing of a system which, in full implementation, is a global policing and control system, which uses the profiling data that the NSA and many other unnamed organisations have been collecting on all of us, to implement complete control. On reviewing her material, I agree.

Watch the video and see what you think.

Planet Earth is rapidly entering a cooling period similar to the Maunder Minimum

The evidence is quickly emerging that we are entering a period of global cooling, likely to be at least as strong as the Maunder Minimum of 400 years ago. This event was named after the couple who studied the sunspot activity and how it changed to cause this cooling. Of course we are told that the world is heating up because of anthropogenic CO2 production, but the real climate scientists know it is driven by sunspot activity and the heating peaked nearly 20 years ago. Doesn’t it cause you to stop and reflect when you realise the last period of cooling was given the name of those tracking the sunspots and saw the correlation – Annie and Walter Maunder?

Most “experts” were predicting a very active current solar cycle. Well, we are coming to the end of the current sunspot peak, and to describe it as anti-climactic would be a serious understatement. It has been very weak, indeed, and it is why those in the know have been saying for a while that we are entering a period of cooling.

Now there is new evidence indicating the sun is going to sleep – rapidly – and the details are shared in this video entitled “The Sun is Going to Sleep.

Underlying all of this is the still largely unaccepted reality that the Cosmos, including our Sun is electric in nature, along with its interaction with Earth. This brief video gives an example from the recent Thunderbolts Project (Electric Universe) conference. So, yes, the notion that our Sun is a fusion reactor burning hydrogen as a fuel is nonsense.

This electric model is also consistent with the models of Mehran Keshe, who I have previously spoken about.

Apart from holding this global warming nonsense up to the light once more, I mention this because its consequences for life on Earth are not trivial, some of which are discussed in the above video. For instance, food production is likely to fall dramatically, leading to global famines, as happened last time, unless action is taken to prepare.

But don’t expect the mainstream press to say anything about this anytime soon. They’re too busy peddling stories about the impact of warming on krill production, threatening the humpback whales or the impending demise of polar bears, even while Antarctic ice coverage records are being broken and the Arctic recovers from its lows. This cover story is critical to the Agenda 21 global transformation our global controllers have underway.

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