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NETANYAHU on IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL – “One of the Darkest Days in World History”

This video shows Netanyahu discussing the Iranian nuclear deal. I also listened to Australia’s PM Abbott yesterday talking about keeping the Middle East a nuclear free zone.

I listen to these people with incredulity. Israel has been a nuclear power for decades and refuses to sign the non-proliferation agreement. And the ways they came to be a nuclear power are well documented. They became a nuclear power the same way Russia did – using American technology and materials, including final form weapons, supplied “under the cover of darkness”. Of course, those who supplied the weapons grade uranium to Israel received, at worst, a slap on the wrist, or got promoted as they usually do.

It’s farcical and until you understand how our world works, it makes no sense. But when you do, it fits like a glove.

And when was the last time Iran attacked anyone outside its borders? Some argue the last time Iran started a war by invading another country seems to be in 1946 when they invaded the Republic of Kurdistan. Others argue it was hundreds of years ago. My point is Iran could scarcely be accused of being an aggressor, but that’s not what you might think if you watch the MSM.

And from what I have seen and read, and my understanding of their deployment of the technology of Mehran Keshe, they have no interest in or need for nuclear weapons. But we can all trust the MSM to bring us the truth and this Netanyahu video takes the cake.

Never let the facts interfere with a good story.

One thing I like about Iran is how they distinguish between Jews – many of whom live freely in Iran, practising their religion as they choose – and the state of Israel and its Zionist creators. No wonder Netanyahu sees them as a threat. They point out the obvious.

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