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Intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Cosmos

It seems strange to be writing this, but given the nature of this constructed reality, I feel it necessary to state the obvious on this.

In simple terms, there is abundant evidence of life elsewhere in the Cosmos, some of which has visited Earth in the last 100 years or so. Moreover, there are many documented eyewitnesses to this. This recent article discussing recently declassified U.K. military files on the subject is just the latest in a long line, some of which I have shared in these posts over time, and this article prompted me to revisit it.

For me, perhaps the most profound statement on this was the Washington DC National Press Club presentation in 2001 that I shared here, at which many military and other credible people came forth and shared their experiences on the UFO phenomena.

Which raises the question: Why is this knowledge so vehemently kept from the public? These are my previous thoughts from the above article:

Why is this truth suppressed?

In my view, it’s yet another tentacle of that octopus. If you want to hold the story in place that humanity emerged from primordial slime, lived in caves 10,000 or so years ago and there will be nothing left when we die, then you cannot acknowledge the abundant forms of advanced life elsewhere in the Cosmos, nor humanity’s extensive interaction with them. There are some secondary reasons, including the following:

  • If the technologies that have been sourced from contact with these beings and craft were released to the public, control of us through energy consumption, food supply, the threat of global warming, etc. would be lost
  • It would be difficult to sustain the war mongering between different elements of humanity in the face of this knowledge
  • It would risk a public outcry against the weaponising of space, as mentioned by Dr. Greer and discussed by Dr Carol Rosin
  • It would remove this layer of potential false threats to humanity, as also discussed by Dr Carol Rosin

Why does the mainstream press not talk about it, given this was delivered at a major press conference, and this video has been available on YouTube since at least 2006?

If you have not yet understood that the mainstream press is one of the arms of suppression and control on the planet whilst posturing as a purveyor of truth, then take that understanding from this situation. It was also powerfully illustrated by the actions of the global press in the events of 9/11, from being the vehicle by which to create the trauma in the minds of humanity across the globe within which to then plant the false messages about what happened that day, down to the undeniable fact that the BBC and at least one other news outlet announced the collapse of WTC building 7 more than 20 minutes before it collapsed, proving that they had foreknowledge of the event.

Whilst most of the human contact with other beings appears to have been benevolent, it is not so in all cases. The semi-fictional “Sands of Time” recounts a story that is far from benevolent. It’s also quite a riveting read.

End of quote.

In essence, I would say the same today, and if you were looking for an example of the existence of this controlling hand in our world, the suppression of the knowledge of life elsewhere in the Cosmos is a powerful and undeniable one.

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