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Let me begin this by saying that I am not anti-Jewish nor am I anti-Semitic (these two are not the same, though there are those who would have us believe they are). Moreover, let me add that I have Jewish friends and contacts that I treasure, and what I’m about to say here concerns Jewish people in general since, in my view, most of them are simply pawns in this very complicated and sophisticated game. In truth, it concerns all of us, since the Holocaust, in my view, is part of a much, much bigger game.

My interest in the Holocaust is a relatively recent one. Just a few short years ago, I was aware of reports of individuals seeking to come to Australia and give presentations that said that the Holocaust was a hoax, and they were, as I recall, refused entry into Australia.

As my interest in how things work in the world has grown, I recognised that how Israel was treating the Palestinians was very similar to how it was claimed that Hitler’s Nazis had treated the Jews during World War II. Initially, this seemed completely incongruous to me. Further, at this point in my understanding, there was no distinction between someone being Jewish and being a Zionist.

At some point, however, something prompted me to look into this notion of a distinction between being Jewish and being a Zionist and I realised that, whilst there was a significant overlap, the two were not close to being the same. For me, a Zionist is someone who believes in the inalienable right of the existence of the State of Israel, based upon the reported Jewish history and the historical treatment of the Jewish people, and/or a deep cultural, personal and/or philosophical commitment to the existence of the Israeli State. With such a definition, not every Zionist is Jewish and not every Jew is a Zionist.

One of the powerful illustrations I became aware of in regard to this distinction was the stance taken by the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when he came to New York to address the United Nations in 2009. If one reads the mainstream press, one would think that Iran wishes to wipe all Jewish people from the face of the Earth. In reality, they are opposed to the State of Israel and the context within which it was created, and if you read the statements from Iran carefully, you will recognise this distinction. Indeed, as I understand it, there is quite a sizeable Jewish population that lives in Iran and lives freely and without persecution. This distinction was powerfully illustrated by this video showing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meeting with Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in New York during his 2009 visit, and clearly with great affection and respect.

At around this time, the research work conducted at Johns Hopkins on Jewish DNA showed that much of it was not Semitic in nature; that is much of Jewish ancestry was not derived from the Middle East but in fact was European in origin. This led me to investigate those origins and to the understanding that there were many Jewish people from Eastern Europe, historically known as Khazars, who were Jewish because they were commanded by their then leader to convert. Indeed, the Khazari Jews represent the largest percentage of Jewish people globally. As such, the “anti-Semitic” slur is part of the propaganda behind Israel. Most Jewish people are simply not Semitic in origin.

I then became aware of the book written by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor of history although not from the separate department of Jewish history (yes, they really do that) The Invention of the Jewish People who held the stories behind the creation of the Israeli State up to the light, including the story of the Exodus, and demonstrated that the history that justified (much of it in retrospect) the creation of the Israeli State was almost completely invented to rationalise or justify the Israeli State.

Somewhere along this path, I became aware of the story of David Cole. About a year ago, David was outed by an ex-girlfriend. David had been living in Los Angeles under the name of David Stein, deeply involved with filmmaking in Hollywood and, perhaps more significantly, running an organisation known as the Republican Party Animals. David has written a book about his experiences called “Republican Party Animal. His story probably came to my attention through this amusing article by Kevin Barrett. David would likely call himself “one crazy fuck” but, for all his foibles and follies, the man has a mind like a steel trap and an uncompromising professionalism as a historian. Here is another article on David from The Guardian.

When David was a young man, he became interested in the story of the Holocaust and, in particular, the role played by Auschwitz and was interested to check out its validity for himself. David is interesting because he is himself Jewish and proceeded, through several visits to Europe, to completely deconstruct the myth of Auschwitz; that myth being that Auschwitz was a site where gas chambers were used to exterminate Jews. A one-hour video showing the conclusions of his studies is available here. I recommend that you take the time to watch it. The conclusions are unequivocal. The buildings that supposedly were used to exterminate Jewish people could never have been used for this purpose. There are several other of David’s videos that have made their way to YouTube that you may want to watch.

This discovery prompted me to begin to examine all of this in more detail. I read David Cole’s book to better understand the path that he had walked, how his life had been threatened by the Jewish defamation league (JDL), amongst others, including in the case of JDL, having a price put on his head. He negotiated to pay them off and disappeared.

In addition to his work on Auschwitz, David became an expert on the history of Holocaust revisionism and how very credible people were being prosecuted for speaking the truth. There is an excellent radio interview with David which tells his story, including this revisionist history. I have edited this recording to remove segments of music and you can access the edited version here. I also commend this to you. David’s re-emergence will reinvigorate this long overdue discussion and exposure.

Somewhere along this path, I became aware of a YouTube video which illustrates examples in the press of the meme that 6 million Jews were being persecuted, which shows 6 examples that predate 1945, going back to 1915. But this wasn’t the half of it. In his recent book “Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality”, Nicholas Kollerstrom provides 166!!! pre-Nuremburg examples in the press referring to the persecution of 6 million Jews, back to 1900. Not to be outdone, the irrepressible Jim Fetzer, in his presentation to the seminar entitled Academic Freedom: Are there Limits to Inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust, tells us that the earliest example of the use of the number 6 million that he has located was in 1890. I have linked to Jim’s presentation here. His presentation not only covers the Holocaust but also provides an overview of the extraordinary work that Jim himself has undertaken in relation to the JFK assassination and the events of 9/11.

The next thing that caught my attention, apart from the obvious persecution of David Cole in bringing forth the truth about Auschwitz, was the incredibly powerful forces arrayed against those who are called Holocaust revisionists; that is those who, in any manner, express publicly any doubt regarding the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Hitler during World War II. Many European countries have legislation which forbids such discussion and in Germany, for example, should you be prosecuted for such, you have no right to mount a formal defence but you may plead insanity or plead guilty and place your fate in the hands of the leniency of the court. Clearly this does not represent justice but rather a powerful force of coercion. Question the Holocaust story at your peril.

David Cole talks about this extensively in the above radio interview and in his book, and has also edited a short movie entitled El Gran Tabu that powerfully presents some examples of this. David introduces this movie here and you can find the movie itself at this link. I encourage you to watch this short documentary. You will then know how powerfully this story of the Holocaust is defended, and defended in a growing number of countries.

There have been many that have come forth to question the truth about the Holocaust, almost all of whom have been persecuted and many of them prosecuted, as per the examples in El Gran Tabu. But perhaps the most compelling work on this subject is the recent book by Nicholas Kollerstrom, “Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality.

Firstly, let me say that Nicholas has been persecuted and vilified for raising this subject. He is formally educated in the History and Philosophy of Science, and was summarily dismissed from his academic post of some 15 years for questioning the Holocaust story.

Are you beginning to understand the power behind all of this?

Nicholas describes what happened to him and the core elements of his results in his recent presentation to the seminar Academic Freedom: Are there Limits to Inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust and I have provided a link to that presentation here. Again, I commend this to you. For a thorough understanding of his work however, I recommend that you read his book.

Let me quickly summarise some of the information that Nicholas provides us with:

  • The so-called eyewitness evidence to gassed bodies during the Nuremberg trials referred to blue bodies. Both cyanide poisoning, which would have resulted from the Zyklon B gas, and carbon monoxide asphyxiation supposedly used elsewhere, produce a bright red corpse. It is apparently unmistakable and if you have seen it, you will never forget it. The body apparently looks like a baked lobster in colour. Clearly this evidence was falsified.
  • It was claimed at Nuremberg that the exhaust gases from Russian tanks, which ran on diesel, was used to generate carbon monoxide to kill Jewish people at Treblinka. It was only some time after the end of World War II that it became widely understood that the level of carbon monoxide in diesel exhaust fumes is far too low to kill anybody. It might smell awful but it will not kill you. By then, it was too late for the stories told at Nuremberg.
  • In the years since WWII, the cyanide that was present in the walls of the delousing chambers at Auschwitz and elsewhere has reacted with the iron in the brickwork and mortar. These walls have turned a bright blue as a result, whereas the walls of the so-called gas chamber at Auschwitz show no such changes. Indeed, the levels of cyanide in the walls of these so-called gas chambers is almost identical to the background levels in the rest of the camp area. It is very clear that the Zyklon B was being used to delouse the bedding and clothes of the camp inmates in order to save their lives from typhus rather than to kill them.
  • It did not become public knowledge that Rudolph Hoess had been tortured at Nuremberg for three days prior to his so-called confession until 1983, and so a generation of people believed that Hoess’s story was genuine.
  • The Red Cross data on the number of deaths in the camps, which are considered to be accurate, in no way come close to the theoretical 6 million.

There are many other examples, but you get the drift. Again, I commend Nicholas’s presentation and his book to you.

Another point made by Nicholas is the way schoolchildren from Britain are shipped off to Auschwitz and walked through that museum to reinforce the myth. Further, the story of the Holocaust is taught in schools in Britain both in religious and social studies. I have already mentioned how academic examination of the evidence and the issues is forbidden. There are also a growing number of monuments being built in major European cities to reinforce the story.

As I document this, I recognise that the reaction of many Jewish people will be that I am denying the maltreatment of Jewish people during World War II. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do not for one moment deny that Jewish people were maltreated during World War II, many of them forcibly removed from their homes and repatriated to other countries, many forced to work in labour camps and unquestionably many died, it seems primarily from typhus. However, the number of Jewish people that died, according to the statistics contained in Nicholas’s book and other sources could not have been close to 6,000,000 and may only have been 10% of that number. We should compare this to the some 23 million Russians that were killed during World War II and large numbers of other people that were killed. Indeed, the evidence is there were more Catholics that died in Auschwitz than Jews.

I said at the beginning of this that I feel the Jewish people are as much victims of this scam as anyone. They are simply pawns in a much bigger game. It is hard for Jewish people who had family members or were themselves subject to the abuses, displacements and deaths of WWII to extract fact from fiction, especially since fiction has been so carefully woven into the traumatic experiences. I truly empathise with you, but it is time to look at what has been done to you and to the rest of the world by those who perpetrated these abuses and these myths.

Both Nicholas Kollerstrom and Jim Fetzer speculate that the driving force for this Holocaust scam were the British and Americans, who wanted to cover up their decimation of Germany and their treatment of the German people during and after the war. For example, reportedly some 2 million German men were starved to death in concentration camps after the end of the war, but this is of course not discussed in Western history.

But, in my view, we need to look a little deeper than this. We need to look at how our world has been run for the last few hundred years and, indeed on a level, the last few thousand years. We need to consider the meme of 6 million Jews being persecuted that was promoted from at least 1890. Why was this done and who was behind it? It is said that what it is forbidden for us to discuss controls us.

I have written previously about how the world’s global bankers have written themselves out of history. If you examine American history from the perspective of the efforts of the European bankers to establish and retain a private central bank in America, you find a close correlation with the assassination and attempted assassination of several American presidents.

For example, Abraham Lincoln was opposed to a private central bank owned by the European bankers and was introducing a Treasury-based currency when he was assassinated. Andrew Jackson was committed to eliminating the then private central bank and the would-be assassin later revealed that he was acting on behalf of European banking interests.

In the case of JFK, there were many groups that wanted to see him eliminated, but again he was committed to introducing a Treasury backed currency to replace the current Federal Reserve which was established as a private bank in 1913. The story of the meetings at Jekyll Island to plan the setting up of the privately owned Federal Reserve by America’s most powerful and representatives of the European bankers is well documented.

I recommend watching this documentary on global and particularly US banking history. Here’s another take on that history.

And so, if you look closely at the history of the world over the last few hundred years, you find that a small group of German Jewish banking families, led by the Rothschilds, have taken over the provision of banking services to governments around the world. Not only that, they have been responsible for all wars in the last hundred years and perhaps in the last 200. To begin to understand this, I recommend that you read this document on the history of the Rothschilds. I have done sufficient independent research to be satisfied that this chronology is largely if not completely accurate. In summary, the Rothschilds and their banking and illuminati interests were behind the French Revolution and have essentially owned Britain since Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

All of this might sound quite impossible for you to believe, since this is completely invisible to us as we live our day to day lives. Indeed, if we point to individuals who seem to be failing us, we inevitably point at the politicians, such as Obama or those who preceded him. In truth, these are simply a puppet show for the public to argue over. This is nowhere better illustrated than this David Icke video from the 2008 Big Brother by-election.

If you reflect a little on history, you will notice that what quickly followed the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was World War I in 1914 and the Russian Revolution in 1917 and on we go. In other words, these great changes that occurred during the 20th century were essentially funded out of the European-owned American banking system and those who were willing to do their bidding.

I have written elsewhere that the creation of the State of Israel was a project of the Rothschilds for the 20th century. In fact, it would appear that it is actually older than this, given that that number of 6 million persecuted Jews goes back to 1890 at the very least. In addition to these many examples of this 6 million Jews persecuted, there are other interesting documents. Firstly, there is the Balfour declaration which dates from World War I and is reproduced below.

This declaration speaks for itself.

Then we have the following related document, which mentions the Balfour Declaration, published in the New York Times in 1940, this reprint being purchased by me from the New York Times itself, so I can vouch for its validity. I have linked to it because it doesn’t readily fit in this post.

Together, these documents demonstrate a commitment that had been made long before the end of World War II to the creation of Israel, and one of them includes a very direct commitment from the British government to the Rothschilds at the time of WWI.

I have long said that the planning horizons of the people that run our world are in decades and centuries if not millennia, whilst they set up an environment where the rest of us are focused on the day-to-day processes of survival. None of this is by accident. And what we can see here is that the desires of the Rothschilds, who were well and truly entrenched by the beginning of the 20th century as the bankers to all governments of any persuasion or soon thereafter, could be easily realised. Indeed, it is only when you begin to look at events in the world from this perspective that you can begin to understand why Israel carries the power that it does in the world.

For example, it is the only nuclear power that is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation Treaty. It is only then that you can understand why the United States funds Israel now to the tune of $11 million per day, although this picture is complicated by the hidden web of control by Zionists in the United States government and administration, and indeed elsewhere. No-one exposes this better than David Icke. If you search YouTube for David Icke and Rothschild Zionism, you will find several presentations by David on this subject, but I suggest you begin with this one. Just looking at the United States, Jews represent some 2% of the United States population, but if you look in the halls of government and the Obama administration, their numbers are extraordinary. Also, this very recent explanation of the control Israel holds over the US Government by Gordon Duff at a terrorism conference in Syria matches part of what David points out.

One of the reasons that the Rothschilds are able to be invisible is because they purchased Reuters in the late 1800s and associated press in the early 20th century. Also, given the power they wield, anyone with a financial interest in the press will not go against their wishes; e.g. Rupert Murdoch.

Unfortunately, this picture is just the beginning of their power and influence. They funded John de Rockefeller into his control of the oil industry and hence the activities of the Rockefeller family, primarily in the United States but indeed their impact is global, are hand in glove with the interests of the Rothschilds and the other German Jewish banking families. These same forces created the United Nations and it is no accident that David Rockefeller built the United Nations building in New York. Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry primarily grew out of the activities of the Rockefellers and hence are deeply connected to the Rothschilds. Man-made global warming as the stalking horse for Agenda 21 is of their creation, and if you examine the ways in which any attempts to confront the man-made global warming lie are dealt with, you see great similarities to the Holocaust story.

They essentially own the mineral and petroleum resources of the world. They are the ones behind the plans to reduce the global population to small numbers to serve their interests. They are the ones behind GMO food and its horrendous impact upon humanity. They are the ones behind the vaccination programs that are being used to sterilise people and poison them through vaccinations that serve different purposes other than the ones that are publicised.

I could go on, but I want you to see that this horrendous hoax that has been perpetrated upon the world call the Holocaust is but one of many threads to the game that is being played and, in my view, the Jewish people have simply been pawns in this game. Indeed, when I read about how many Jewish people were moved into Eastern Europe during the Second World War and then the Iron Curtain was brought down, followed by both the East and the West telling the Jewish people under their control to not look for their relatives because they’d been exterminated, I began to wonder if the real reason for the Iron Curtain was actually to perpetrate the myth of the Holocaust. Things are never done in the world for the reasons we are given. Indeed, David Cole tells a story of triggering the reuniting of two elderly brothers, both of whom had believed the other to have died in the gas chambers but were caught on the opposite sides of the Iron Curtain. I suspect there are thousands if not millions of such examples. Indeed, I wonder if this is not the real reason behind the persecution and mass deportation of Jews under Hitler.

You see, the Rothschilds were funding Russia as well as Germany during the war and ultimately the United States and Great Britain also, and until you understand that all of these countries owed debts to these bankers, you cannot begin to understand how the world works. Until you begin to join these dots, the world makes no sense. Once you do, it makes perfect sense. These people also have other, much more sinister mechanisms of control and influence over people given authority in the world.

To add a little spice to this story, there is evidence that Hitler’s father was an illegitimate Rothschild. Indeed, Hitler’s DNA shows evidence of Jewish ancestry. Little in this world is as it is presented to us.

There is evidence that the control of the United States by these forces goes back to the very founding of the country – this so-called “land of the free”. There are many pieces of evidence I could give you for this, but this is not my focus here. Rather, let me just share with you how the occult symbol of Moloch the owl is deeply embedded into the layout and details of Washington DC.

I have been looking into all of this for some years and David Icke has been doing so for some 25 years. Indeed, I encourage you to watch his long interview with Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, from some 20 years ago. It reveals an enormous amount of this story. I have also previously suggested you read David’s latest book, “The Perception Deception”. I also encourage you to read the writings and watch the videos of the late Eustace Mullens as further evidence on what I am sharing here on why and how the world works.

The public is encouraged to think that the US Federal Reserve and other Reserve Banks, the United Nations, the WHO, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union, etc. are independently created organisations operating with the interests of the public at heart, when nothing could be further from the truth.

So, for me, the evidence of the Holocaust being an elaborate and carefully planned hoax, planned over decades at least to provide the raison d’etre for Israel is overwhelming, yet most Jewish people will struggle to accept it. Most of us cannot comprehend there are those who would move an ethnic group of people around the globe like chessboard pieces for their own agenda and with little regard for those people. Indeed, anyone who has experienced the trauma of war usually carries its scars and the perspective of the world it creates for them for the rest of their lives, unless they realise the need to heal this and do so. Yet the Rothschilds and their cohorts inflict this on the people of the world with complete disregard for them.

So, why were the Rothschilds so “hell bent” on creating Israel?

As I’m not a party to their planning, the following is some of my speculation:

  • It provides them with a player at the table of nations, and one that can manipulate the actions of other nations for their interests
  • It provides a unique place for them to house business interests
  • They can steer world events through the actions of Israel and its agents, e.g. Mossad (further, if you examine history, you find the CIA and Mossad were essentially created together, and I strongly suspect that the CIA was set up to pursue the interests of the Rothschilds, not the United States – but that is too broad a subject to enter into here, though Operation Paperclip begins to make much more sense)
  • It provides a focal point for the efforts of Zionists across the globe, furthering the Rothschild interests whilst seeming to be furthering those of Israel. Being hidden is an essential element in their strategy
  • A letter written by Albert Pike in 1871 spoke of three world wars and the State of Israel plays a key role in the third of these, all of which are successive steps in creating a global, totalitarian state. Israel does not fare well in this plan, and Israel did not exist in 1871…

A final word

I have covered a lot of ground here, and I encourage you to treat my words as food for your own thoughts and investigations. Draw your own conclusions. But step out of the dream that says six million Jews were killed by Hitler’s Nazis – because they very clearly were not.

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