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Edward Snowden: Spy or Whistleblower? Neither!

Steve Pieczenik argues Snowden is “He is a Manufactured Avatar of the American Intelligence Community!”

Is he? Given Steve’s background, he deserves to have his view considered.

The Key to understanding the 9/11 video footage

This video shows in great detail how the illusion of aluminium planes flying into and even THROUGH the Twin Towers was created. It’s called video compositing – a limited art on PC’s in 2001, which is why the flaws show up so blatantly.

Whilst we’re on this subject, a little reflection on the evidence will have you realise the lunacy of what we are asked to believe. Those buildings had square section steel columns made from 2 ½” thick steel that surrounded the entire perimeter of the building, designed to withstand a 707 hitting it. The steel plate used in the strongest WWII Russian tanks was 1.8”. An aluminium plane would simply be flattened against the wall and slide down onto the ground.

This 4 second video shows an AK47 bullet hitting a steel plate. Enough said.

Are ‘Cockroaches’ Running Washington War Politics?

Bill Engdahl is always worth reading. In this case he has uncovered a powerful nest of cockroaches in Washington, along with their equally powerful connections.

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